Why designer Shay Geyer turned down a career in sports broadcasting in favor of the family business


Shay Geyer co-owns IBB Fine Furnishings with her mother, Beth Rafferty, who founded the company as an interior design firm.

FRISCO, Texas – Interior designer Shay Geyer came by her passion for design naturally as the daughter of Beth Rafferty, founder of IBB Design in Frisco, Texas. Geyer, who is now co-owner of the firm, is known for her use of color, pattern and texture in design, and her portfolio ranges from commercial spaces to residential projects to the design of a G4 private jet. Geyer has also served as a Style Spotter and a Style Spotter Advisor for the High Point Market since 2012.

Geyer spoke with editor Anne Flynn Wear about where her best design ideas come from, how she spots trends, and the most interesting place the job has taken her. Click here for more.

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