Used furniture marketplace Kaiyo launches new “instant offer” feature


Sellers on Kaiyo will now receive an instant offer from the marketplace as soon as their furniture has been picked up.

NEW YORK – Kaiyo, an online marketplace that sells used furniture, has launched an instant offer feature on its site that provides sellers with immediate gratification.

The site now makes sellers an instant offer as soon as their furniture has been picked up and allows them to cash out these earnings without waiting for their furniture to sell.

“We launched Kaiyo because there was no convenient, planet-friendly, sustainable way for sellers to get rid of their furniture – causing 33 billion pounds of furniture to go to landfills annually, according to the EPA,” said Alpay Koralturk, founder and CEO of Kaiyo. “Our goal was to create a seamless platform where we handle the logistics end-to-end so that more people can buy and sell gently used furniture in a way that is convenient, secure and better for the environment.”

Koralturk said he believes instant offer is the future of the secondhand furniture market and will drive greater participation in the circular economy by providing sellers with a superior, frictionless experience.

Kaiyo created the instant offer feature to encourage more people to sell secondhand by providing them with greater convenience and a faster payout. Koralturk said Kaiyo is the only platform to offer its sellers a fast, free furniture pickup, and the company also cleans, photographs, stores and delivers each piece to its buyer — all at no cost to sellers.

If a seller accepts the offer, they can cash out instantly via their online dashboard and payment will be mailed out within two business days. If the offer expires, the piece will be listed on the platform using Kaiyo’s existing consignment-like process which pays each seller a revenue share.

Kaiyo has kept more than two and a half million pounds of furniture out of landfills since launching, according to Koralturk. The company also plants a tree for every order completed on its site in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

Over the past two years, Koralturk said the brand has seen 150 – 200 percent consistent growth every month year-over-year.

The company currently serves the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas, and offers nationwide delivery.


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