Turkish luxury candle company eyes U.S. market


Misteriosa is inspired by the door of a symbolic and historical building. The design pattern is engraved by artisans using a sandblasting technique, while the glass rim is shaped with diamond blades. Misteriosa is then hand painted with 24k gold and platinum and fired in a kiln. It retails for $490.

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkish luxury candle company Leone di Fiume is setting its sights on the U.S. market with a lineup of premium-quality decorative glass candles that double as home décor.

The female-owned company employs a team of female artisans that hand pour 100% soy and vegan wax into mouthblown glass vessels, many of which are sandblasted, cut or hand painted. The candles are infused with essential oils created by a Swiss fragrance house that comply with the International Fragrance Association regulations for the use of fragrance in candles, according to the company, and all the candle ingredients are renewable and biodegradable and offer a non-toxic, soot-free burn. The scented wicks are made from 100-percent cotton and offer a long-lasting burn time of 40 hours.

Leone di Fiume candles, which retail for between $65 and $650, are currently sold at the brand’s retail store in Istanbul and at select retail stores in various cities in Turkey as well as in Cyprus, Serbia and Qatar. It is currently in discussion with potential U.S. customers and distributors, a spokesperson said, and plans to exhibit at future trade shows in the U.S. including Las Vegas and High Point markets, and NY Now.

Celeste Notte is a mouth-blown glass vase, decal-printed by artisans using 24k gold then hand painted with glass colors and fired. Celestial symbols are artfully stylized in this pattern. It retails for $119.

“Being one of the top global producers of glass, Turkey is renowned for its prestigious glass projects showcased all over the world,” said CEO Yasmine Teke Arslan. “At Leone di Fiume, we have creatively capitalized on the art of glass blowing to create a dual-purpose work of art with some of the most exquisite crystal glass and candle creations that will continue to adorn consumers homes long after the candle is gone.”

Candles sales have increased “exponentially” since the pandemic began because people were spending time at home and wanted it to smell nice by burning candles, Teke said.

“We feel this is the perfect time to introduce our one-of-a-kind works of art to retailers in the U.S. so their customers can experience the luxurious uniqueness of our products,” she added.

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