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Welcome to Trend Watch, a new Home Accents Today feature that stays ahead of the curve by alerting you to shifts in consumer attitudes and behavior that we think could potentially impact home furnishings down the road. We cull news and information from the world outside home furnishings —from fashion to architecture to food —and ask experts to predict what this potentially means for our own industry.

Pinterest predicts that “Be Jeweled,” a move toward full-body adornment with crystals and other embellishments, will be big in 2022.

Trend Watch: “Be Jeweled”

The Trend: According to Pinterest Predicts, there is a trend toward jewelry that goes beyond the basic earring or layered necklace. It is being led by Gen Z, which is “accessorizing the whole body, from tooth gems to crystal eye embellishments.” Searches for things like “pedicure with rhinestones” and “crystal eye makeup” are up significantly, Pinterest said.

The Expert: Michelle Lamb, founder of The Trend Curve.

The Expert’s View: Is it possible that the Gen Z trend toward well-placed bling on everything could find its way into décor? The answer could be YES.

To contemplate possibility, consider that for every trend, there is a counter trend. For example, after years of relative minimalism, consumers have recently expressed fatigue with décor that is starting to look too plain, or even generic. As a consequence, detail and decoration have begun to rise. Some examples feel like logical next steps after minimalism (contrast-color piping, channels, and reeding), yet select pieces have a more elaborate, sometimes luxurious, and often feminine vibe, just like the Be Jeweled look.

The market is already providing a roadmap for how this type of detail and decoration can manifest in decorative accessories:

A wall mirror from Phillips Collection is surrounded by “pearls”

A crushed-glass and gold-metal cabinet hardware at Caracole recalls a gemstone pendant

At Maitland-Smith, cast brass butterflies perch delicately on a pink crystal box

Another factor is the supply chain. The current environment of slimmed-down choices has made shoppers crave more—more options, more layers, more decoration. This, too, could be a powerful nudge toward a Be Jeweled future.

The next eight months will be pivotal for Be Jeweled. Will its impact accelerate, moving décor toward more obvious expressions of bling? My money is on YES.


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