Rug shoppers not floored by purchasing online


By Joanne Friedrick, Research Editor

High Point, N.C. — Almost one-fifth of consumers have put an area rug, often considered the anchor of a room, on their latest redecorating shopping list, and the majority are comfortable making that purchase online.

A Furniture Today Strategic Insights study found about 19% of respondents planned to buy an area rug as part of their home decorating plans during a 12-month period, with Millennials and those with incomes of $200,000 or higher the most likely to take that step.

In general, however, more than half of the respondents — about 60% — said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their current area rug choices. Among those expressing some level of dissatisfaction, Millennials were the ones most likely to veer in the direction of making a purchase as one-fourth of them fell into the unsatisfied or very unsatisfied category when reviewing their current rug options.

This year’s U.S. Houzz and Home Study confirmed that rug purchases are key during home makeovers. Among people doing home renovations in 2020, 48% bought rugs for their interior space, which topped the list and edged out pillows, throws and large furniture as the leading acquisition. Meanwhile, 14% listed rugs as their top outdoor décor addition, up 3 percentage points from the 2019 study and reinforcing the overall focus put on outdoor living during the pandemic.

About two-thirds of those surveyed for the Furniture Today study said they were willing to make their purchase online, a sentiment that also spanned all demographic groups. Less than 1% of Millennials said they would never buy a rug online vs. 3.3% of Generation X respondents and 8.3% of Baby Boomers.

About the data

Furniture Today Strategic Insights fielded an online survey in June and July 2021 to a nationally representative sample of 754 consumers to assess their shopping preferences when it comes to buying home furnishings. For additional information about the survey, please contact Joanne Friedrick, research editor, at [email protected].


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