Retro, plush and jewel tones: Wayfair designers make their 2022 predictions


Wayfair’s design experts predict light hues, along with plush and woven fabrics will continue to be a trend this year.

Wayfair looked at how our homes are ever-changing as we head into 2022 and the company’s interior designers determined what they believe are the trends to watch out for in the upcoming year.


Familiar, decade-defining pieces act as the anchor to this trend, with low profile sofas, graphic pops, and avocado and tan accents driving freshness. Furniture and decor lean modern with tightly tailored lines, buttoned tufting, saturated hues, and tapered legs.


Calmness and tranquility reign supreme in this design trend, with both visual and tactile softness at its core. Rounded shapes from chair backs to ottomans and dining tables allow the eye to move around the room without a hard line in sight.  Look for whisper-light hues, plush and woven fabrics, and deep set couches to bring additional softness.


From rich amethyst to deep emerald,  sapphires and pink tourmalines, jewel toned vibrancy and color pops are the energetic trend of the season. From accent chairs and bed frames, to unexpected lighting, rugs, and bedding, this trend speaks to the excitement of the new year, a bold step forward, and a playfulness to sophisticated design.

Wayfair Professional interior stylist Brianna Torres said, “The key word here is ‘soft.’ Plush fabrics, whisper-light hues, rounded shapes… It’s about bringing the senses together to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility.”

Two other trends to look out for include Natural Elegance, with pieces made from raw materials becoming quite trendy due to their high quality, timeless character, and natural beauty. No matter the color palette, their naturalness works in harmony with all design styles, according to Wayfair.

And, finally, Iconic Silhouettes will be a trend this year since contemporary design continues to be shaped by classically celebrated forms. Having never really gone away, there is a renewed appreciation for low modular sofas, leather and vegan leather club chairs, curved statement pieces, and mid-century-style lounges.

“These celebrated styles are true triumphs of form and function and continue to inspire contemporary design. This isn’t our first time seeing them, and it won’t be the last,” said Allison La Reau, Wayfair Professional Interior Stylist.


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