Nassimi introduces menswear-inspired eco-friendly fabrics


Nassimi is introducing these new menswear inspired patterns in its environmentally-friendly Supreen fabric at next week’s HD Expo.

NEW YORK – Textile manufacturer Nassimi will introduce several menswear-inspired patterns in its eco-friendly Supreen fabric at the upcoming HD Expo April 26-28 in Las Vegas.

The company made the wool-inspired textures using the Supreen fabric’s liquid barrier and stain resistance which is also free of PFAs and fluorocarbons.

Company founder and CEO Iwan Nassimi said his company has made tackling sustainability a core part of its mission, although the initial response of many companies to changes that increase sustainability is to say that it is not possible.

“In each instance that we made significant production changes to make our products more sustainable, the instinctual response from our supply partners was that what we were aiming to achieve was not possible,” Nassimi said. “We consistently challenged our partners and eventually achieved the results we were looking for. Before getting to the practical elements of sustainability, you first must understand why it’s important and have a dedication to the practice.”

The company consistently works to improve the design, performance and environmental properties of its textiles which includes product make up, improvements to production, transparency and durability, according to Nassimi.

“We have recognized that there is a yearning for honest environmental stewardship,” he added. “People respect and gravitate to companies that act responsibly. Making products in a more sustainable way is not necessarily more expensive but does require effort and attention to detail.”

Nassimi said that in one recent instance, a large furniture manufacturer had requested their current fabric supplier analyze the make-up of their products and reformulate them to remove chemicals of concern.  When that supplier failed to respond, the furniture company approached Nassimi instead, requesting the creation of a more sustainable upholstery fabric, without sacrificing the material’s performance. The furniture company trusted that his company would be able to do so, because they had demonstrated a history of product improvements. 

“This is just one instance in which our philosophy of sustainability has helped us gain increased business and profitability,” he said. “Just has our reduction of harmful phthalates from our faux leathers preceded regulatory requirements in the industry, there is often a ripple effect of inspiration even from small action steps.”


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