Legacy Ornament Artist Returns to Gift Industry


Heartfully Yours ornaments are handcrafted in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

Holiday collectors will rejoice: The artist Christopher Radko — not to be confused with the company Christopher Radko® — is back on the scene with a new charitable company, Heartfully Yours.

“As many know, I sold my previous company Christopher Radko a long while back and am not connected with that company in any way,” the artist Radko said. “I had quite a fun adventure over the last 15 years, from being a book author, event planner and a holiday tour guide to growing organic lavender and producing spa skincare products … I even wrote my memoir, ‘Life’s A Work of Heart,’ which will be out next year.”

“My heart has always been with Christmas. It’s my happy place, and thankfully, others feel the same way! I guess you could say that I am back by popular demand.” — Christopher Radko, founder of Heartfully Yours

But now the product designer has returned to the gift industry to once again offer fine-glass and quality handcrafted ornaments under his new brand name.

“Like everything else on earth, the gift industry has changed over the years,” Radko said. “In the 1980s, I brought the fine-glass ornament industry back to life, and I am thrilled to be back today.

“My heart has always been with Christmas. It’s my happy place, and thankfully, others feel the same way! I guess you could say that I am back by popular demand. I am delighted that my creations from decades back remain the gold standard on people’s Christmas trees. I think back to that fateful day when our family tree crashed to the ground because I had bought a faulty tree stand. My grandmother said, ‘Christopher, you’ve ruined Christmas forever!’ Well, here I am, nearly 40 years later, still happily making up for that holiday mishap.”

Artist Christopher Radko

Christopher Radko, artist and founder of Heartfully Yours

Radko says that Heartfully Yours ornaments are a celebration of what he believes to be the best in Christmas. “If you’re looking for fine new art glass ornaments actually designed by me, fresh for this year, here they are. It’s my first new collection in 15 years,” he said.

Radko’s new creations are handcrafted by nine personally handpicked European families — “small cottage workshops where the mom and dad and kids are still involved, just like the old days,” Radko said. “My ornaments carry forth the legacy traditions of Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy, and these are the only countries where the ornaments are made,” he added. “Each ornament takes a whole week to make, and I personally oversee each one with my stamp of approval.”

Buyers are most likely familiar with the fine, glass-blown ornaments of the company Christopher Radko®, which are still in production under the direction of Joseph Walden, design director. The company was founded by Radko in 1985 and was then sold in 2005 to Rauch Industries, Inc, which still owns the company today. Over the last several decades, the ornaments have become a collector’s dream; in fact, some of those collections have sold on eBay for thousands of dollars. Now, the artist Christopher Radko, a pioneer in the industry who started that sensation, is once again crafting Christmas nostalgia under his new brand name of Heartfully Yours.

Radko said there are limited quantities made of each exclusive Heartfully Yours design and nothing is mass produced, so he expects to sell out quickly. “These really are legacy works of art, or as I like to say, ‘works of heart,’” he said.

In addition to providing exquisite works of art for the Christmas tree, Heartfully Yours harnesses the spirit of the holiday by giving back to several organizations close to Radko’s heart. As a charity-conscious company, Heartfully Yours donates 20 percent of proceeds to several key causes, including heart disease, breast cancer, AIDS research and food insecurity.

“My ornaments go the extra mile by raising much-needed funds for causes dear to my heart.” — Christopher Radko, founder of Heartfully Yours

“The spirit and heart of Christmas is my passion and my purpose for starting this boutique new company,” Radko said. “This is not just a business to me. It has to have heart. My ornaments go the extra mile by raising much-needed funds for causes dear to my heart … These include heart disease, in memory of my mom who died of heart complications, and breast cancer, in memory of my sister Anna who succumbed to breast cancer. These also include AIDS research, in honor of my first and greatest sales rep Jimmy Odom, and food insecurity, because I see too many people, especially these days, going without a decent meal. Heartfully Yours ornaments make a difference.”

Buyers can find Heartfully Yours in Appelman Schauben’s Atlanta Market showroom, B2 1100, where the company will be making its debut.

“Peter Schauben is a legend in the gift industry,” Radko said. “I am delighted to be in his showroom with his fine team. I’m giddy with joy! I feel like I’m 26 again, when I first attended the Atlanta Gift show. Many people retire in their 60s, but I get to start a whole new act three in my life, and it will be the best one ever!

“Now, people can return to the source of the best in Christmas, and the artist who started it all. My passion is for all things Christmas, and my work is evergreen.”


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