Kaiyo’s 2022 design trend predictions


Cool tones are gone and warm tones are here to stay — think greens, okra, terracotta, oatmeal-beige, and greige according to the Kaiyo trend report. Photo Credit: Pablo Enriquez

NEW YORK — Kaiyo, an online marketplace that sells used furniture, has released its inaugural trend report uncovering 2022 design trend predictions that include the resurgence of textured fabrics in additional colorways and homes with more textural surfaces.

“The popularity of apparel resale sites like ThreadUp and TheRealReal have made consumers more comfortable with shopping preloved pieces,” said Alpay Koralturk, Kaiyo CEO and founder. “We are pleased to release Kaiyo’s inaugural trend report which highlights the growing demand for pieces that are durable and sustainable.”

“Millennials, in particular, are more willing to shop second hand as they become increasingly eco-conscious and more discerning with their dollars,” she added. “We hope this report shines a light on the important role the resale furniture market plays in creating a more sustainable world.”

Some highlights of trends from 2021 include:
● More people are looking to keep furniture out of landfills with 68% of Kaiyo participants selling for the first time in 2021.
● The latest trend of Millennials imitating their grandparents has helped traditional-style brands like Drexel Heritage and Ethan Allen retain more value compared to last year.
● The best brands to sell on Kaiyo are CB2, West Elm, Herman Miller, Article, and Design Within Reach.
● Kaiyo’s fastest-selling piece was the Modloft Sullivan dining table, which sold in 21 minutes while the most indulgent piece of furniture on the site in 2021 was a DDC On the Rocks sofa by Edra, valued at more than $18,000.
● Analysts believe the furniture resale industry could hit $16.6 billion in sales by 2025, up 70% from 2018.

Peti Lau, Kaiyo’s trends Expert and an interior designer offered these predictions for 2022:
● More textured fabrics will be available – particularly those tactile and soft-to-the-hand – in more colorways, adding a feeling of warmth to the home.
● Homes will begin to see less busy patterns within bedroom spaces and more textural surfaces instead for a more zen vibe.
● Consumers will be inspired by the colors of Arizona like the Sedona Mountains, the Ocra and mustard tones of Yellowstone and Aspen when the trees turn.
● Similar to the ‘roaring 20s’ aesthetic currently seen in the fashion industry with sequins, sparkles and fur, furniture design will also become more playful and exude a sense of joy.
● As interest in vintage pieces continues to grow, shoppers will have to dig deeper when browsing furniture resale marketplaces, thrift shops, estate sales, auctions and consignment stores to find those coveted décor items.

“Mixing pre-loved pieces with new furniture for all of my projects has become increasingly more important and relevant as I consider sustainability for the earth and accessibility for my clients,” said Lau. “I was excited to be able to share my trend predictions for 2022 as creating a home sanctuary continues to be such a priority in all of our lives.”

Koralturk said Kaiyo has kept more than two and a half million pounds of furniture out of landfills since its inception and plants a tree for every order completed on its site. Over the past two years, the brand has seen 150-200% consistent growth year over year.


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