How home furnishings is celebrating Earth Day


Photo by Felix Mittermeier

Happy Earth Day!

The home furnishings industry is embracing Earth Day today (and every day) with new and innovative materials, practices and behaviors. For example, Revival Rugs is making recycled rugs from old blue jeans. ZZ Driggs, a new furniture rental company which recently became a Certified B Corp., has implemented a quarterly carbon audit to access its emissions with reduction targets being set for each department (it’s part of its newly released impact report). Miller Knoll has likewise set up three main sustainability goals — reduce its carbon footprint, design out waste and source better materials. And textile maker Nassimi is advancing its sustainability goals with a new menswear-inspired line of eco-friendly fabrics.

Many consumers are also relying on resale to save money and protect the planet. Read on to learn what you need to know about secondhand furniture sales.

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