Four Hands unveils in-house art studio in Austin, Texas


AUSTIN, Texas – Furniture and lifestyle brand Four Hands has opened a new 35,000-square-foot art studio in Austin. The goal is to bring works from renowned and emerging artists to a broader audience.

“Unlike any other home furnishings company in the country, Four Hands’ global reach, paired with its new technology, has given the ability to create gallery-quality art from artists around the world that closely mimics the original works’ textures,” the company said in a release.

The studio will be capable of producing exclusive, handcrafted pieces across different mediums. Pieces can be produced on a large scale, bringing costs down and helping make art more commercial and accessible. Each piece is produced on-demand with a one-week turnaround for shipping.

“Our direct-to-artist relationship is key to our success,” said Brooke Elliott, product development manager for Four Hands Art Studio. “We’re inviting all artists because of our technology capabilities and wide variety of distribution. There are no boundaries in our capabilities which is exciting for artists and brands like Getty Images, with whom we have a partnership of specially curated images, which allows us to reproduce many of their iconic works.”

So far, more than 4,000 images have been curated from 150 artists.

“We are able to oversee everything from start to finish,” said Adam Dunn, vice president of design. “It’s exciting to be able to meld what we are doing in the home furnishings categories and work with some of the world’s top and emerging artists to tailor the art so that it complements our various collections.”

Pieces are hand framed on site, using materials including oak, maple, acrylic and canvas.


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