Finding the Cheapest Internet Plans for Your Home

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Table of Contents

  1. AT&T – The Cheapest Fiber Internet
  2. Spectrum – The Best Value Bundles
  3. Rise Broadband – The Cheapest Rural Internet  
  4. So, Make a Choice!

Finding cheap internet plans these days is just as important as finding cheap groceries. You cannot possibly stay connected to the world, to your loved ones, or keep up with your professional life without a good internet connection at home. If you really wish to cut down your monthly internet bill, opt for one of the cheapest internet providers that include AT&T, Spectrum, and Rise Broadband! 

AT&T – The Cheapest Fiber Internet

AT&T has some of the best prices out there. You will find its affordable pricing and high-speed tiers to be very accommodating. As one of the largest communications service providers in the country, with coverage in more than 21 states. You can opt for standalone internet services, or choose AT&T bundles that offer the best internet, TV, and phone service in conjunction. AT&T advertises its two types of internet connections as:

AT&T Internet: Branded as IPBB, AT&T’s internet protocol broadband services are more like DSL, but speed ranges between 25 and 100 Mbps. 

AT&T Fiber: 100% fiber internet service that provides parallel download and upload speeds at the best prices. 

AT&T has the most affordable fiber internet service you can get right now. To put things in perspective, here is what AT&T Fiber’s maximum speed tier costs, compared to its competitors.

ProviderMaximum SpeedPrice per month
Xfinity1000 Mbps$70.00
CenturyLink940 Mbps$65.00
Earthlink1000 Mbps$99.95
Spectrum1000 Mbps$109.99

Other additional one-time charges are also not very disappointing and are relatively lower than the competitors. You have the option of self-installing the internet, which will cost around $35. Meanwhile, a professional installation costs $100. AT&T Internet plans come with the option of renting equipment or using your own as well. 

The parallel speeds offered by AT&T fiber are exceptional, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, sharing heavy media files, and much more. The filer internet rollout by AT&T is very good too, so finding high-speed plans in your area should not be difficult. As a cherry on top, you will get unlimited data on all its fiber internet plans. AT&T’s fiber is the ultimate answer to your query “who has cheap internet near me”? 

Spectrum – The Best Value Bundles  

If you are looking for an internet plan for your home, it’s best that you go for a Spectrum bundle. You will find everything in its bundles for each member of your family — kid’s TV channels, news channels for you, movie and entertainment channels for family time, and most importantly, generous internet plans for all your needs! 

Spectrum is quite generous in how it prices its plans and also the perks it has to offer. Spectrum’s internet service, whether standalone or in a package, will include:

  • No contract requirements
  • Unlimited data
  • Free of cost modem
  • Cheap $5 monthly fee for an additional router
  • Low installation cost

Spectrum has services in more than 40 states, with fiber internet in select areas. Its customer service is available 24/7, and also has a dedicated line for its Spanish customers. All this just points towards one fact: Spectrum cares about its users more than any other ISP. 

You should really delve into the details of Spectrum’s bundles. Here is a quick overview of the best bundles for family homes.

Package What’s included?Price per month
Double Play Silver200 Mbps internet, 175+ channels$119.98/mo.
Double Play Gold200 Mbps, 200+ channels$139.98/mo.
Triple Play Gold200 Mbps, 200+ channels, and unlimited calling$152.97/mo.

Rise Broadband– The Cheapest Rural Internet

Rural communities are still deprived of high-speed fiber internet. However, there have been many efforts made to ensure good alternatives for the people of rural America. Fixed wireless internet is the most reliable option in this case. 

If you really need high-speed internet for your home in an underserved, rural area, then Rise Broadband has got your back. It is the largest fixed wireless internet provider in the country and has some good internet plans to offer. It has the 2 most popular speed tiers, ranging from 25 to 50 Mbps. Here is how Rise Broadband’s pricing works:

PlanDataPrice per month
25 Mbps250 GB$35.00
50 Mbps250 GB$55.00
25 Mbps with Unlimited DataUnlimited$45.00
50 Mbps with Unlimited data Unlimited $65.00

Even though there isn’t much speed variety, you still get generous internet speeds, enough to accommodate your streaming and gaming needs. The unlimited speed tiers are ideal for heavy internet users. For large family homes, the 50 Mbps plan with unlimited data works the best. 

So, Make a Choice!

The choices are very clear and easy. For rural internet, Rise Broadband is the best option. For value-added bundles, Spectrum has a lot to offer. And for high-speed fiber internet for all your streaming and gaming needs, AT&T Fiber is the cheapest option available. Go to BuyTVInternetPhone to find cheap internet packages in your area!

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