Feizy opens year round showroom in LV; adds new concierge service


Caption: Feizy’s 15,000-square-foot Las Vegas showroom is now open year-round to better serve customers on the West Coast.

LAS VEGAS – Rug manufacturer Feizy Rugs is starting a new concierge program and has opened its showroom in Las Vegas year-round.

“We are so excited to have our showroom at the Las Vegas Design Center open year-round for our clients,” said Justin Yeck, Feizy vice president of sales, marketing, development and design. “We are opening the showroom in partnership with Vanguard who we’ve worked closely with for the past four or five years. It’s wonderful to be able to pool our resources to be able to drive sales out west since we know people are flying in from L.A. and the Pacific Northwest to visit the design center year round.”

The 15,000-square-foot showroom, located in building C- space 180, will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through a showroom management partnership with Vanguard furniture. Feizy’s new showroom manager, Nicole Petropoulos will be working year-round out of the Vanguard showroom in building A, space 132.

The company has also introduced its new national Concierge Service featuring hand-selected rugs from company CEO John Feizy’s personal vault. With more than 40,000 unique pieces to choose from, Feizy’s new designer-focused service offers its clients access to one of the nation’s largest collections of one-of-a-kind rugs.

“We brought in a wonderful partner who used to run some of our rug showrooms out west,” Yeck said. “Designers can send him photos, colors and the desired size and he will curate three or four options from the more than 40,000 rugs in the vault. This program allows us to reach out to designers in a truly new way.”

Yeck said it’s easier to ship one or two hand-made rugs to designers than machine-made rugs since they can be shipped very affordably by FedEx. If the client decides they don’t like the rugs, Feizy will pay the cost of the return shipment.

The vault is constantly growing as Feizy travels overseas and sources new one-of-a-kind rugs in India, according to Yeck. “The concierge program allows us to more easily share the entire world of Feizy including our rugs which have been amassed during our 49 years of business,” he added. “80% of our business is designer focused so this new program should better meet their needs.”

Feizy’s Concierge Service offers rugs of all colors, patterns, and materials from scatters to palace sized. Whether a client is decorating a residential room, an expansive mansion, or a commercial office, each piece is curated to fit the individual needs and taste of the client.

Embracing a family tradition of four generations, Feizy Rugs is a five-time ARTS Award winner and the first rug manufacturer to have been inducted into the Accessories Resource Team’s ARTS Awards Hall of Fame.


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