Emotional escape rooms and curves galore: Pinterest predicts trends for 2022


Greece is the word – or one of them, at least – for 2022, along with biophilic- and pet-driven home design, according to Pinterest Predicts, its annual trend report based on what more than 400 million Pinners worldwide are searching for across categories such as home, fashion, beauty and more.

It’s a not-yet-trending look at what’s to come the following year, and has an average prediction accuracy rate of 80%, it said.

Next year, people – particularly Gen Z – will be nostalgic for Ancient Greece, resulting in the desire for Corinthian home décor, Greek statue art and Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper. Some of the most searched for terms include “ancient Greek jewelry” (up 120%), “Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper” (180%), “Ancient Greece aesthetic” (65%), “Greek statue art” (3x) and “Corinthian column” (40%).

People will also designate rooms as spaces to feel specific emotions – the term “rage rooms,” for example, was up 150% and “home massage room” up 190%. Other purpose-specific room search terms include “music-themed rooms” (2x), “crystal room” (8x) and “tiny library room” (12x).

Rounded shapes also ranked as one of the top trends for the home, as Pinterest predicts people will invest in curved sofas, curved bar designs and curved kitchen islands. In particular, Boomers, Gen X and millennials are driving searches behind this trend. Popular search terms include “round pool decking ideas” (up 170%), “curved sofa living room” (3x), “curved walls interior” (4x), “curved bar design” (140%) and “curved kitchen island ideas” (3x).

Plant lovers have gone beyond a few house plants to incorporate staircase gardens, biophilic interiors and floral ceilings, for example, in its biophilic trend. Millennials in particular are turning to plant-first design solutions to increase their connection to nature. Popular search terms include “biophilic architecture” (up 150%), “biophilic office design” (3x), “biophilic design bedroom” (100%), “staircase garden” (175%) and “floral ceiling” (3x).

Another trend Pinterest sees is what it calls limitless luxe, where people want to bring luxury into the least-expected corners of their homes, such as the laundry room or basement. For millennials and Gen X, these forgotten spaces will become conversation starters for guests. Popular search terms include “luxury laundry room ideas” (up 11x), “luxury basement ideas” (2x), “luxury gaming room” (2x), “luxury garage interior” (5x) and “luxury children’s bedroom” (2x).

Pet pampering goes to another level, as people will redesign their homes with their animals in mind, such as luxury dog rooms and ‘catified’ homes, Pinterest found. Millennial, Gen X and boomer pet parents are driving this trend. Popular search terms include “catify your home” (up 4x), “cat house design” (4x), “luxury cat room” (3x), “luxury dog room” (115%) and “dog beds made from furniture” (2x).


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