DTC rug brand unveils collection of customizable Zanafi rugs


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Ouive, a woman-owned company that offers direct-to-consumer, ethically sourced Moroccan rugs and homemade goods through e-commerce, has launched a new Time Capsule collection featuring a customizable line of  Zanafi style flat-weave Moroccan rugs.

According to Ouive, the Time Capsule collection is the first rug collection to feature authentic, high quality Zanafi rugs in customizable options available directly to consumers from the weavers who make them. They also said there are quite a few flatweave rugs on the market that appear to be similar and may be referred to as Zanafi rugs but are not made using the same technique or high-quality wool.

Ouive Zanafi

Zanafi rugs are thick flat-woven wool rugs constructed by intertwining two strands of yarn through a vertical loom, creating patterns by alternating strands. Each row is then hammered with a heavy metal comb to create a tight, durable weave. The patterns of these rugs are visible on both front and back, making them reversible as well.

Ouive Zanafi

The Time Capsule collection, made in partnership with women weavers from the Anti-Atlas region of Morocco, also includes vibrant color-block kilims and hand-knotted plush pile rugs. The rugs are made entirely by hand utilizing traditional processes of hand-spinning and hand-dying locally sourced live wool. The rugs are available in several colorways and made to order in the size of the customer’s choice.

“The designs reference the marking of time, repetition and emotions through color and pattern,” said Kristina Williamson, founder and CEO. “The name also nods to our weaver partners’ commitment to continue using practices, like hand-spinning and hand-dying, that others have abandoned in modern times.”

The challenges of the past two years gave the company the opportunity to hone in on developing a system between weaver, dyers and production partners to make greater customization of the rugs possible. The weavers are provided with high-quality wool and all the supplies they need, removing any overhead costs of materials and reliance on a middleman system.

For this collection, Zanafi rugs are offering traditional colors and patterns as well as more colorful two-tone combinations. The Diamond rug utilizes the same Zanafi weaving combination but with more minimal color block result. Retail pricing on these rugs can range from $650 for a 2.5×8 runner to $4,480 for a 10×14 rug, with domestic free shipping on all. A standard 5×8 would retail for $1,280, and the rugs can be custom ordered in any size (up to 14 feet wide) or color by contacting [email protected].


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