Domaci teases new store with pop-up


Domaci owners Derrick and Warren Clark stand in front of the Domaci Studio pop-up in downtown Bethlehem, Pa.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Home furnishings retailer Domaci is building interest for its new business model with a Main Street pop-up here.

The retailer, which previously sold everything for the home under one nameplate, recently split its businesses into two distinct, yet related operations and reduced its footprint. Today, its Domaci Market is the place for items such as soaps and fragrances, while Domaci Studio is its home for home furnishings and interior design.

“Before the pandemic, we made the decision that we wanted to reduce our footprint slightly. We were servicing all aspects of home, but it was confusing because here’s a bar of soap and here’s a sofa,” explained co-owner Warren Clark.

And while Domaci Market currently is open permanently, Domaci Studio is open for the next couple of months as a pop-up next door. He said when both brands are open, he and partner Derrick Clark will have around 2,000 square feet of showroom.

“We haven’t done anything to the space other than clean it up and move our stuff in because we know there will be construction,” Clark said, noting that work will need done from the time the pop-up closes to the time that Domaci Studio opens for good.

Additionally, the landlord operates a handful of Airbnbs upstairs, and Clark said Domaci furnishes a few of them. When they’re not being occupied, he said, customers can go to the next floor and shop.

The pop-up opened earlier this month, and Clark said the community response has been great. He said it didn’t hurt that having two distinct brands eliminated confusion about what’s for sale.

“I think it definitely helped and codified to people who we are and what we do,” he said.

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