Designers say vintage, curves and nubby bouclé will remain in style


NEW YORK – Vintage pieces and curved furniture are two trends that will continue in 2022, according to designers across the U.S. surveyed by Apartment Therapy.

The website polled interior designers who belong to a variety of professional organizations and networks, including the American Society of Interior Designers, the New York Design Center and the Female Design Council, among others.

Some highlights:
• 83% of surveyed designers said curved and rounded sofas and chairs will dominate living spaces next year. These sinuous shapes, with soft edges, were also the top silhouette last year. “Having a comfortable spot to relax makes a huge difference and adds to the warmth and hominess of that space,” said designer Jennifer Matthews, the New Jersey-based creative director of Tempaper.
• 68% of respondents said fabrics and tactile materials including nubby bouclés will be seen in homes going forward, with colors including darker browns and light blues.
• Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean performance fabrics will reign supreme with 78% of designers seeing this category as a top trend.
“In 2022, I’m expecting [to see] spaces that nurture our lifestyles,” said Brooklyn, New York-based designer Erin Roberts. This includes the advancements of performance fabrics. “Clients are now being educated on the benefits of luxurious fabrics that live well with the kids and pets.”
• Color trends include sage green, with 75% of designers saying they preferred this optimistic hue and 53% of designers going for vibrant shades like rust red. “We had a rough year-and-a-half,” says Gainesville, Florida-based designer Melody Vaughn. “As trends show after dark periods in society, color and happiness show up heavily in fashion and home design.”
• 78% of designers predict warm minimalism will take over as the desired aesthetic. The style was predicted to be big in 2021, and it’s definitely going strong with its soft palette, natural touches, and light and airy woods.
• Burl wood, at 68%, and alabaster, at 54%, top the list of what designers see surging in the home for 2022. Burl, which features unique swirls and patterns formed from growth on trees, adds interesting depth, while elegant alabaster, the soft white stone often used for carving statues, vases and light fixtures, elevates a room with a touch of classic sophistication.
• In part because of supply chain issues and awareness around the importance of sustainability, 70% of designers say all things vintage will be major in 2022. “Supply chain issues have shown us that we can be inventive with what is local and available to us,” said Hyattsville, Maryland-based designer Erica Riggio of Green Owl Design.

According to designers, lighting is one home feature that makes a big impact but is often overlooked. A well-lit room does more than illuminate a space; it creates emotion, dictates ambiance, and increases productivity, according to the designers surveyed.

Finally don’t underestimate the power of a good rug.

“They make a space feel finished, and can bring color, texture and style in through one piece,” said Baltimore, Maryland-based designer Tiffanni Reidy of Reidy Creative.

When picking the right option for your living room, New York City-based designer Lauren Behfarin said the right rug should be expansive, soft and used to tie in other colors from around the room. “Rugs are often neglected but can really make a space feel larger, richer and more finished,” she added.


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