Design firm Carrier and Company collaborates with Soicher Marin


Bradenton, Fla.—In their first collaboration, interior designers Mara Miller and Jesse Carrier and third-generation art house Soicher Marin have created Open Studio, five wall art collections that reflect Carrier and Company’s love of art.

Carrier and Miller reflected on many of the impactful art pieces that they’ve selected for their interior design projects throughout the years as inspiration for this collection with Soicher Marin. Open Studio celebrates the artist at work and the magical transformations that occur when paint meets canvas.

“Art and the power it brings to an interior – either through content or composition – is a significant and important element in our design process,” said Carrier. The simple pleasure of the work and how it crafts an interior has always taken precedence over its provenance. The Open Studio Collection captures the refinement, eclecticism, color and excitement that inspire our interiors.” Nearly 150 images make up the entire collection in the five categories listed below.

“I enjoyed a rare opportunity to peek inside the creative process that drives the Carrier and Company team. Mara and Jesse are resolute in what they expect in the work; they articulated clearly what was needed to realize their vision. This level of mutual engagement gave rise to a beautiful, creative flow. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” said Eduardo Marin, CEO of Soicher Marin.

Modernist Collage & Negative Space
Playful compositions in a range of mediums beget a sense of imagination and nostalgia.

Gestural Figures
Mysterious and familiar at once, these works invite the viewer to contemplate the story behind each figure. Inspired by the work of contemporary artists, these gestural figures capture intimate moments in time.

Gestural Botanicals
Quick-handed botanicals and stylized floral paintings capture the beauty and detail of the natural world with an unexpected modern appeal.

Transparency & Color Studies
Overlapping transparency adds depth and dimension to create a light and ethereal mood, while the compositions establish a sense of order.

Abstract Color Blocks
Graphic and vibrant, these color block paintings add richness to any room. The bold shapes and colors set the tone of the space or serve as a finishing touch.

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