Design brand launches carbon-negative area rugs


ALANTA – Flor by Interface, a design brand that features a modular flooring system for customizable floor designs, has introduced its first carbon-negative area rugs as part of its Spring Collection. Inspired by nature, these area rugs pair trendy designs with low environmental impact that results in a negative carbon footprint.

Flor utilizes plant-based materials that have sequestered carbon to develop its CQuest BioX backing, which has a negative carbon footprint. The CQuest backing line, developed by parent company Interface, utilizes new bio-based materials and recycled content. Flor’s new materials in the CQuest backing, Econyl yarn and new manufacturing process, all results in a carbon-negative area rug.

In the Spring Collection, there are three carbon-negative area rug designs: Peninsula, Stratosphere and Hemisphere. These three rugs take cues from nature in the designs and ability to store more carbon than they release all the way from raw material extraction through manufacturing, also known as cradle-to-gate. Flor also offers the purchase of carbon offsets, which the company does for the remainder of the product’s life cycle.

Peninsula takes inspiration from the bands of land and water, shown through its gentle rolling stripes of color. Hemisphere grounds interior spaces with a design that mimics the Earth’s layers, and Stratosphere is a light and breezy style inspired by a breath of fresh air and the atmosphere. All three rugs come in three color ways; Peninsula is available in Black, Mahogany and Grey, while Hemisphere and Stratosphere are available in Black, Pigeon and Tan.

“The carbon-negative area rug innovation is a continuation of our commitment to lower our carbon footprint through responsibly sourced materials, manufacturing powered by renewable energy and innovative backing technology,” said James Pope, general manager at Flor.

The brand’s carbon-negative rugs will be labeled with a special symbol to make it easier to select products with the lowest carbon footprint. FLOR’s carbon negative styles must be installed with the brand’s new FLORdot+, which are green in color. All three styles are currently available in the Americas. For more information, visit


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