Culp introduces ‘Sleep Week’ to educate team about healthy practices


Fabric supplier Culp has kicked off its first Sleep Week to teach team members the health benefits of healthy sleep.

HIGH POINT – Fabric supplier Culp Inc. is encouraging its team members to focus on the importance of mental health and sleep wellness this month: Sleep Awareness Month.

The company’s human resources team has been reaching out to its employees through video messaging, emails, text messages, postcards and slides on internal televisions monitors throughout its U.S. facilities. The company is introducing its first Culp Sleep Week

Because of its role in the bedding industry, Culp is emphasizing the connection between a person’s sleep and overall health. During its Culp Sleep Week, the company is focusing on stress management and ways employees can improve sleep.

Sleep improvement topics for the week include healthy eating, yoga practices, meditation, dream journaling and other relaxation techniques.

“Culp has been encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices for many years,” said Teresa Huffman, senior vice president of human resources for Culp. “Statistics show that Americans are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. We want our associates to know how much we care about them and ensure they know about the resources and benefits that are available to them and to their families.”

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