Could these be the next home furnishings influencers?


DALLAS – A couple of new celebrity influencers are on the horizon and ready to release a new home renovation television series. Following in the footsteps of Chip and Joanna, Ben and Erin, and Drew and Jonathan, twin brothers from Houston are taking the reins adding their own spin to the show. This spring, HGTV is set to premiere a new pilot series filmed in Dallas, Buy It or Build It, featuring Chris and Calvin LaMont.

Along with the other various aspects of the show, furniture will play a large role as the brothers won’t only style homes with it, but they will build it as well. Taking inspiration from their travels to places such as Jamaica, Europe and Mexico, the pair designs and builds homes using traditional looks that incorporate reclaimed woods, the mix and matching of metals and “bringing the new and old together,” Calvin noted.

The pair began their careers as entrepreneurs of a floor care company that evolved into one that specialized in fire and water damage repair. It was their construction work of repairing houses that led them to their passion for building and designing homes. When the duo is not renovating homes for their television series, they are building entry-level and workforce housing through their business Value Income Properties.

The new series offers its audience a competitive dynamic between the brothers as clients decide if they want to see their home built with Chris’s expertise or remodeled with Calvin’s. While both the LaMont brothers are well-versed in all areas of design and construction, they each have their own areas of prowess in the series.

“We get to do a little bit of everything in this show,” said Chris. “We will build houses, do remodels on the interiors and exteriors; we will complete landscaping and actually be teaching throughout the show, going through the entire process and walking you through it.”

Their fondness for traditional modern style stems from the flexibility it gives for the creative process as many colors, shapes, designs, details and materials can be used within these spaces.  Less is more in their mind’s eye as they take unconventional paths to remodeling and building homes.


One trademark the brothers have that may be of particular interest to case good manufacturers is that every project they design has a separate distinctive dining area. Growing up, the dining room served as an important family space, which continues to hold a special place for Chris and Calvin, and they try to give that same warm feeling to all their clients.


“I can’t spoil anything, but furniture goes all the way through the show,” said Chris. “At the end of the day, even when it comes to furniture, we are creating it on this show. We are taking it to a different level, incorporating it in new ways and turning things into furniture that wouldn’t be imagined as furniture.

“People will act the way a room feels, and we understand that as builders and designers, we can envision where everything goes perfectly, but when someone comes in looking to buy a house, they won’t see that, and it will be including the right furniture pieces that makes the house feel like a home.”

Trends that the Buy It or Build It audience can expect to see in the show are those mixes of natural woods, greens, industrial metals, white oak and hickory floors, and all things that accentuate a natural modern feel. The brothers say there will be a lot of off-white and lighter beige as people continue to move away from grays and toward more earth-like colors. Accent walls are also expected to be huge as it can bring a one-of-a-kind spruce into any room.

“We are already working hand in hand with executives and marketing directors in the floor, décor and furniture industry about providing product lines that we feel have a big opportunity in the market right now,” said Calvin. “When it comes to incorporating our visions and perspectives into pieces, we are looking at anything from soap dishes to candle holders in décor, to partnering with furniture manufacturers in efforts to provide products that are custom made to people’s lives with simple things that make life simpler.

“It doesn’t take huge extravagant pieces to customize your life, you can do those things with small, well-thought-about and quality pieces, down to the smallest details.”

“We work to create things a little different, a little spicer. We want to bring that to people and have it be something every person of every background can love,” Chris added.

Buy It or Build It will premiere its six one-hour episodes this spring on HGTV, with streaming services after all episodes have aired. For information regarding the new home renovation series and the LaMont twins, follow Chris and Calvin LaMont on Instagram: @thechrislamont, @thecalvinlamont and @thelamontbrothers.


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