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Most conversational taboos have fallen by the wayside in modern society, but there remains one topic that is never discussed at cocktail parties, or anywhere else, for that matter: how much money you make. It’s never volunteered and never asked, but it is an endless source of curiosity and speculation.

It is also a valuable tool within an industry for recruiting, evaluating and retaining an engaged and productive workforce, one that helps companies remain competitive and thrive.

As far as I know, there is no salary data available pertaining to the home furnishings industry, apart from the very few public companies in this business that are required to report on executive compensation. The rest of us are completely in the dark.

Which is why Home Accents Today, in collaboration with our sister publication, Furniture Today, is conducting the first-ever salary survey of the industry. It will address, in two separate groups, retailers and manufacturers of various sizes. It will cover more than a dozen different job titles within various disciplines, from sales and marketing, to product development and merchandising, to public relations and human resources. Salary information will be requested in the form of incremental ranges and include how people are paid — salaried versus commission, for example — and what the process is for salary increases.

Our survey goes beyond the bottom-line numbers. We also want to know what kind of benefits you receive, and whether you are satisfied with your compensation package. And since everyone’s work world has been turned upside down by the pandemic, we’d love to hear from you about what your work life is like right now and whether you are back in the office, still working from the kitchen table, or doing a combination of both.

The survey is web-based, mobile friendly and takes about five minutes to complete. It is going out by email so please keep an eye on your inbox. Or, you can access the retail survey link here and the manufacturer link here. Be assured that your answers are anonymous and will only be used in the aggregate along with those of other respondents.

I would really appreciate your participation, because the more answers we receive, the more thorough and detailed picture we can provide about what it is truly like to work in the home furnishings industry. Home Accents Today and Furniture Today want to be the go-to source for this type of in-depth, behind-the-scenes information. This could potentially serve not only as a benchmark for future reports, but as a guide for anyone who is looking for a new job or for companies wanting to hire.

Survey results will be published in July and I, for one, am not only curious but eager to see the outcome. I am sure you will be too!


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