A new use for those old blue jeans


This new rug called Stonewash from Revival Rugs is a machine washable flatweave that’s handwoven of recycled denim and is available as a 2 x 3, 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7 or a 6 x 9 area rug.

OAKLAND, Calif. – Direct-to-consumer rug company Revival Rugs has launched a collection of machine-washable rugs made from recycled denim.

The new collection includes six styles in a range of sizes. The company said one 5 x 8 rug uses 10 to 12 pairs of recycled jeans.  Pricing for the new collection ranges from $109 to $349.

“Handwoven flatweaves of recycled denim, this new collection drapes beautifully—like your best-fitting pair of jeans,” according to the company. “And just like your favorite jeans, they’re washable.”

“Woven in a melange of blues, the simple geometric shapes have a faint 1920s influence; a little bit of Art Deco meets Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiquiu casita. There’s a reason denim is a wardrobe staple: it’s affordable, durable, good-looking, and versatile, and these rugs are no exception,” the company said in a release.

Revival Rugs has several other sustainability programs which include upcycling vintage rugs that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill; creating new Sarisilk rugs made from recycled silk saris; designing handblown Moroccan glassware made from recycled bottle,s and offering outdoor rugs that are made from recycled plastic bottles




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