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Parker Heath, Founder + Creative Artist of PAR KER Made, LLC

HAT: Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got involved in this industry?

Heath: My name is Parker Heath, and I am a professional abstract artist, freestyle BMX athlete, and agency signed male model, from San Diego, CA.

I produce through my creative business, PAR KER made, home & living collections where I transform some of my original abstract art pieces into functional art and soft home blanket, throws, pillows and totes. My collections allow users to interact with my art in a less traditional way.

HAT: How did you got started in this industry?

Heath: I got started in the industry by taking a very grassroots approach with selling my artwork and began manufacturing products on a small scale while in between my final year of college semesters.

PAR KER Made’s throw

I was motivated to learn how to implement my skills and education, which I gained from art school, into the professional world after college. I began experimenting with new styles and ways to introduce my art as different kinds of home & living collections and first began selling my collections through my social media accounts, word of mouth, Etsy, and at local farmer’s markets.

HAT: What was your first product and what was the inspiration behind it?

Heath: My abstract art jacquard woven throw blankets were my very first product I created. Seeing the first one come to life, and the public’s response to it, really changed everything for me. Seeing how I could translate my art into a new functional piece of art, opened my eyes to how I could allow people to interact with my art in a less traditional way. By having them constructed of woven cotton thread, and not printed, the intricate up-close detail of the product, in my eyes, always reinforced the purist aspect of it being a new “sculptural”, functional work of art.

HAT: You’re exhibiting for the first time at Las Vegas Market in January, what can shoppers expect to see at your booth? 

Heath: I’m very excited to showcase my art pieces that have been translated into functional works of art for home & living, such as my: throw Blankets, accent throw pillows, woven tote bags, socks, art prints & original works of art!

My favorite part about our “soft home” products & accessories, are that everything is manufactured with a jacquard weaving construction. It’s always so exciting to have newcomers see our products’ intricate detail and top-quality construction in person. Some of our pillows, blankets and tote bags even match one another, which provides an exciting full package approach when buyers are considering how our products may play a role for their shoppers/projects.

HAT: You’ve got a ton of great accomplishments for the young age or 24, what inspires you and keeps you driven?

Heath: Thank you!  I think having such positive support from my friends & family is one of the biggest drivers for keeping me motivated and moving forward. I always feel like I owe it to myself to continue progressing and working on reaching the top of the next step.

HAT: What about PAR KER Made will appeal to retailers and designers?

Heath: I think the wide variety of options amongst style and design, all while being “PAR KER” signatures will appeal most to retailers and designers. With everything being my original handmade artwork, a unique, individualistic value proposition stands at the front door when people are introduced to my collection.

My artistic style is definitely influenced from my SoCal upbringing and studying art history with designs that evoke a sense of mid-century meeting boho, and beyond.

Riding freestyle BMX my whole life and competing on a professional level in competitions around the world, my opportunities with traveling and growing up with a freestyle approach to life has definitely shaped my perspective on the world and how I express myself. Exposure to working in the male modeling industry has shaped my way of expression and creation as well, from being in environments where I’m working collaboratively with other creatives and larger production companies, I’m able to see a bigger picture with things.

The blankets are also completely double-sided due to their unique jacquard double weave method of creation. The back side provides the same design in an alternate color scheme allowing the user to utilize two blankets in one. Our woven throw blankets have also won an award recognizing our efforts in creating a sustainable product by having all of the blankets manufactured with only 100% cotton and constructed end to end here in the USA.

All of these elements combined with a fair mid-range price point, we believe to be very approachable for all kinds of shoppers, given that the product is based on original handmade art.

HAT: What is next for PAR KER Made? Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?

Heath: That’s a great question!

I will continue to expand my line with more original art and translating my home living collections into more product categories. I’m already in talks with an art company and a chic wallpaper manufacturer, so I will have some fun things debuting in the spring of 2023. I also love collaborating with a wide range of designers & brands to see how they envision and want to utilize my art, or if they want me to commission entirely new pieces into custom projects is something I really enjoy doing.

PAR KER Made’s pillow



5 Fun Facts about Parker Heath:

  • Where is your favorite place to travel? New York City is AMAZING. Spain is one of my other all-time favorites.
  • Where do you live? San Diego, CA.
  • What is your biggest goal in life? To do what makes me happy and create invaluable life experiences along the way that would’ve never happened if I hadn’t taken the risk.
  • Do you have any pets? I personally don’t! But my parents still take care of my Labrador and Dachshund that I grew up with!
  • What is your favorite past time? Riding my BMX bike!!! Anywhere & everywhere!!


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