Which furniture brands sell best secondhand? Kaiyo releases report


Interior designer Lale Boz predicts a wave of 70s nostalgia will appear next year, with low slung furniture, wood paneling and rich earth tones paired with natural and raw materials.

NEW YORK — The best brands to sell on Kaiyo, an online marketplace that sells used furniture, were CB2, West Elm, Herman Miller, Article and Tov, according to the company, which has has also released its second annual trend report.

Additional highlights from 2022 include:

  • Kaiyo’s fastest selling piece was the Desiron bookcase, which sold in six minutes, while the most indulgent piece of furniture on the site in 2022 was the S.R. Gambrel Cooper sectional sofa, valued at more than $18,000.
  • Brands that increased in value over the current year include Vita, Tov, Moe’s Home Collection, Urban Outfitters and B&B Italia.
  • Analysts believe the furniture resale industry could hit $27 billion in sales by 2027, with 61% of Americans now shopping for items online.

Tommy Lei, an interior decorator, content curator and photographer based in New York, predicts the three big trends for 2023 will be dopamine décor, including rooms where people can regenerate; soulful minimalism, with items that spark joy and bring warmth; and generational furniture, with prized items passing from one family member to another.

Jason Saft, founder of Staged to Sell Home, a boutique staging firm based in Brooklyn, N.Y., said he believes trends for next year will include dynamic home offices, with colorful desks, ergonomic chairs, and bold art; ethical sourcing with people seeking truly organic materials; and ‘bold and beautiful’, with consumers making color more prominent in both furniture and art.

And finally, Lale Boz is an interior designer and founder of interior design studio Normal NYC. Her trend predictions for 2023 include organic shapes with modernist curves, sharp corners and wavy forms; European summer with natural bright light, warm wood tones and airy linen furniture; and 70s nostalgia, with low slung furniture, wood paneling and rich earth tones paired with natural and raw materials.

“Our company began eight years ago with the mission to make great furniture accessible to everyone and sustainable for our planet. Our homes are the foundation of a balanced life, and in today’s world, a comfortable space feels more crucial than ever,” said Alpay Koralturk, Kaiyo CEO and founder. “While great furniture is timeless, trends evolve each year, providing insights into changing tastes and behaviors. We’re excited to share a deeper look at the last year on Kaiyo for our 2022 Trend Report.”

“Consumerism is naturally in conflict with sustainability — to get what you want fast and affordably, there’s usually a cost to the environment,” added Koralturk. “Keeping furniture in circulation longer eliminates the need for new production and reduces waste and emissions. Our hope is by offering great designs at accessible prices and making the buying and selling process as easy as possible, customers will choose secondhand first in all purchases.”

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