What new color is emerging on the upholstery scene?


Colors like burgundy, sangria and merlot were making the scene at High Point Market.

American Leather

American Leather’s Barcelona ottoman in garnet leather.

HIGH POINT — With October’s High Point Market in the rear view mirror, one color appears to be on the horizon. With greens in every shade from celadon to moss green to deep pine in abundance, and browns in various shades of taupe, doe and sand having a strong showing, what additional color is coming on the stage?


Chaddock introduced its Benjamin Johnston collection.

Travel no further than the warmth of Italian vineyards for the newest shade. And, no, it’s not terra cotta or rust, although these colors were seen enhancing showrooms as well. The latest color starting to percolate at October’s market was burgundy. Think of plum, mulberry, sangria, claret and merlot, lots of wine-infused metaphors for covers with deep tones and a richness of color that has been absent from upholstery for some time.

Moe's Home Collection

Moe’s velvet dining chair in merlot.

Last April’s lilacs and lavenders have ripened into a deeper, richer shade that might be the newest color coming down the furniture runway. Featured in a variety of showrooms, the color plays into a return to heritage and nostalgia.

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