Tiny Living, Big Style: How’s The Life in a Studio Apartment

what is a studio apartment

Minimalism has become a synonym for the modern lifestyle, and a studio apartment plan stands as a quintessence of this contemporary trend. The growing popularity of these living spaces is an attraction for people, but most are curious to know if this compact space would match their contemporary lifestyle.  These rather small flats follow the architectural concept of “division-free” floor plans with open kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas. Less expense, convenient cleanings, and easy access to the entire space are some of the greatest factors that give them an edge over those typical 1 BHK flats. 

Fascinated by all these aspects, I invested in a studio apartment last year, and it was undoubtedly the best decision I ever made. Today, I will be sharing my experience of living here, starting from how I settled and decorated the space, along with the perks and a few challenges I have had throughout. Let’s not defer more and move straight toward knowing about life in a studio apartment.

The Initial Settlement

Having been living in a flat with separate rooms, a studio apartment plan layout was totally a new lifestyle exploration for me, and honestly, it was a doubtful decision. Nevertheless, being a home decoration enthusiast, I was extremely excited to create a cozy space in my new home. Before settling, I thought of some logical aspects to utilize the small space smartly. Here are the factors I considered that every studio apartment seeker must consider:

  • To save some space, I got a queen size bed instead of the king size, enough for a solo occupant. 
  • A multifunctional couch was a great bid, which was convertible to a bed for my occasional guests. 
  • I avoided settling on a coffee table as it would’ve been quite space-consuming. Rather, I bought a small side table for my coffee cups and keys.
  • When it came to decoration, I stuck to minimalist decor to keep my space clutter-free. Most of my wall adornments were mirrors that have the ability to make an illusion of wider spaces.
  • Finally, I followed a cohesive color tone with different shades of lavender for bed sheets, sofa covers, pillows, and some other embellishment items. It certainly was a great deal to uplift my apartment’s elegance.

Throughout this process, I had to compromise on some of my favorite things, like dressing and coffee tables, as they were quite grand. But I got minimalist alternatives for them. 

How’s it Going?

Straightforwardly, it’s my favorite space to live from all the other flats I have been residing in till today!

It’s my cozy nest that allows me to cut down my electricity bills and cleaning hassles (not much space to clean) and live a simple & private life. 

Talking about the struggles of this tiny studio apartment plan design, the only hardship I have felt here is keeping my space clutter-free. I have to control my urge to buy new stuff (I admit my strange shopping habits of unwanted things). Even a small kind of disorganization will make this space look messy, so I have to ensure that everything remains at its designated spot. 

Wrapping Up

That’s how my lifestyle looks like in a small studio apartment, and I personally love being here. This is a convenient option for a solo or a couple, offering several perks (at least in my opinion). However, other’s perceptions may differ from mine. You can rent such a space for a month or two to make up your mind whether or not such flats suit your lifestyle.

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