What are the most compelling trends this fall – the experts weigh in


The Interweave flatwoven line from Nourison reflects the autumnal colors that are on trend this season.

What do you think will be the most compelling fashion or color trend this fall?

“Variations of green and warm ridge wood tones.”   David Lee, director of business development, Crestview Collection

“Color will remain in the neutral families but with richer and deeper tones. Entertaining will be even more of topic for all categories we provide. Occasional tables, functional accessories, uplifting wall décor and lighting that incorporates unique materials (metal design, stone / marble, crystal shapes, etc.).”  Bryan Williams, executive vice president, Crestview Collection

“I believe pink is dominating this season in the fashion world. Deep fuchsias, magentas and bubble gum pink have hit the runway with force. A color normally associated with spring/summer is popping up in home accents as well. We are also seeing a bright electric purple taking center stage with Versace.”  Shayla Copas, interior designer

“The 2022 fall color will have more autumnal hues in designs. Warm brown, crimson red, taupe, and earthy green will be strong in the fall. Green has been a popular trend since the beginning of 2022 and will stay strong for fall. However, the fall green will be darker and more jewel hue, like olive green and emerald. Bolder colors such as berry tone, pink and yellow mustard (or darker gold) are also trending for fall 2022.  Elsa Huang, director of product design, Pacific Coast Lighting

“This season you will see color, texture and pattern. Port 68 will introduce a textural faux boi in lighting and accessories in shaped matte glaze porcelain and also on our accent Crossing lucite bench with a woven faux bois fabric in gray and white. The look is transitional and modern. Additionally, we have a collection relaunch with Williamsburg celebrating patterns from their archive that is updated for today’s homes. The iconic Braganza pattern will now be available in celadon green on porcelain accessories, lighting and acrylic trays. New patterns named “Geranium Trellis” in meadow green and pink; Isobel in classic blue and white, plus meadow green; Breckenridge is a floral pattern inspired by a dress detail in dark navy. But we have made it more bold in how the pattern is applied to porcelain shapes.”  Mark Abrams, owner and designer, Port 68

“A big trend we will be seeing this fall is lots of texture, natural jute materials, woven leather and earthy materials and lots of textures on walls. A color trend that I thought would be just a “trend” a couple of years ago but has had some staying power is the color blush, it’s trickling down to mainstream consumers and has less pink in it and is almost more of a clay toned blush color, there’s a warmth that’s resonating and working in many different design styles.”  Libby Langdon, interior designer

“There are three Color Trends for Fall 2022: 1.) Deep Or Earthy Shades Of Green: Both Olive & Moss  2.) Warm-Toned Browns , Cognac , Caramels & Deep Tans ( Camel ) 3.) Warm Neutrals : Medium Beige & Off-White.”  Kip Holt, sales manager, Villa & House

“At York Wallcoverings, we’re all about ‘fashion for the walls’ and invest heavily in trend forecasting to ensure our products are paving the way for today’s interiors. For patterns, we’re continuing to see softened geometrics; and lots of fluid curves through arches and fluting. The palettes we’re seeing for fall focus on 1970’s hues — tones that are rich and saturated, but paired in a palette that balances warm and cool tones. Think saffron, mustard and even orange, as well as dusty pink, mauve, rose and olive; these rich colors are paired with clean medium blues, teals and creamy whites, and instantly you see a fresh take on a classic color palette. All trend-focused High Point attendees (and that’s all of us, right?!) will be excited to learn that York is announcing our Color of the Year at High Point Market, which includes a full scope of palette options to take us into 2023.”  DeAnna Hain, executive director of marketing, York Wallcoverings

“FUNCTION! Whether it’s motion, like Style in Motion, or space savers, like the new Today Sleeper, we know consumers don’t want to sacrifice sophistication and luxury but want items in their home that can enhance their space and create functional rooms that match the style and function of their daily lives. Another big trend we are seeing is with color. People are getting out in the world again and turning to nature for relaxation and inspiration more than ever. Layering warm and cool neutrals inspired by the world outside, accented with black and white graphic décor for a bold visual effect, as well as greens and blues with shades from sage to moss and blues reminiscent of beautiful blue oceans to the clear blue sky.”  Taylar Hoffman, director of merchandising, American Leather

“As far as interiors are concerned, we are seeing warmer more earthier colors, especially in the warm brown hues. Anything from warm caramels to a dark mocha is seeming to be on trend to create deeper interior sanctuaries.”  Ben Marshall, creative director, Valley Lighting Group

“In the mid to high-end hand knotted market, we see several fashion trends continuing this fall including the recoloring of old classic Oushak designs in fresh bright sherbet colors. Transitional looks done in unique weaves that create very ultra-textured patterns, undyed wools and programmed oversizes: 12×15 and 12×18, along with abstract water mark contemporary designs in high end wools with silk or viscose highlights. Neutrals / natural colors will continue to be on trend. Our high-end fabric partners are still telling us that “believe it or not” greys and blues are still the colors most in demand.”  Greg Jordt, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Harounian Rugs International

“We are seeing the neutrals warm up to taupe and beiges, and pops of colors moving toward jewel tones.”  Meganne Wecker, President, chief creative officer, Skyline Furniture

“We predict the color trends for fall (and continuing into 2023) will be shades of Apricot, Terra Cotta, Blush and Desert tones (we’re currently loving Potted Shrimp by Farrow & Ball, as an example).  On the opposite side of the color wheel, we are loving blue-green shades both as intense jewel tones and the more subdued blue-grey-greens, such as Homburg Gray by Sherwin Williams.”  Carla Regina, CCO, Regina Andrew Detroit

“The most compelling colors I am seeing in fashion and that was prominent in Milan during design week were the dark red cherry and blue greens. I incorporated the Benjamin Moore colors Raisin Torte, Misty Blush and Amazon Green into our Wildwood Fall HPMKT introductions.”  Laurie Acree, director of design and visual merchandising, Wildwood

“Fall of 2023 is all about bringing botanical elements inside and embracing nature as we seek more peace and calm in our lives after the past two pandemic and anxiety filled years. Sage and other warm greens are a perfect to utilize to bring a freshness into the home. They layer and pair well with so many home décor styles, adding a bit of life to farmhouse looks, softening minimalistic neutral color palettes, and adding life and offsetting the warm woods of mid-century modern are just a few styles it plays well with.” Creative team at Sagebrook Home

“COLOR is in, with a lean still towards golden tones.  NATURAL – in terms of Shapes with curvilinear, flowing, abstract designs.  And Organic – Earth conscious, eco, up-cycling.” Cameron Capel, president, sales & marketing, Capel Rugs

“Green green green! We have fallen in love with green this season and are introducing a stunning citrine linen and luxe mohair. Green has always been one of my favorite colors it’s timeless, fun, and loved by both men and women.”  Coley Hull, founder, Coley Home

“We’re seeing a huge undercurrent of deep dark navy taking over the green-dominated color palette of the last five years. We’re seeing an increase in subtle pattern mixing, the grandchild of the pattern-clash movement. The tonal layering of competing patterns in monochromatic or analogous colors creates a complex, layered aesthetic that doesn’t feel like visual overload.” Lance Trachier, creative director, Jaipur Living

“What we see as popular for fall are warmer neutrals, mixing in beige, gold and rust.” Giovanni Marra, director of marketing and digital strategy, Nourison




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