What are 2023’s design directions? Moe’s provides a clue


The Zeppelin slipper chair is featured in leather.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Moe’s Home Collection, a full-line wholesaler of home furnishings, just released its annual design trend insights called Key Design Directions for 2023: Stories by Moe’s Home. The company is targeting its digital trend forecasting for retailers, designers, buyers, and industry insiders.

Stories by Moe’s Home calls 2023 a year of reset, opportunity and individuality, with three design directions: Free Form, Earthened and Enduring Sentiment.

“Our 2023 Key Directions showcase our future design moves; looking at the wider culture, our team’s focus has been centered around the idea of reset–set again but differently. We’ve had the opportunity to reimagine our latest offerings and have created new designs that encourage individuality and self-expression,” said Maura Dineen, creative director.

Free Form pieces include the Zeppelin slipper chair, whose low profile, rounded edges, pillow-like detailing and padding emphasize the playfulness of 1970s styling.

An example of the Earthened style, the Alvin sofa’s clean lines and neo-traditional silhouette is a backdrop for a curated and inviting living space. The classic nature of this sofa allows for versatility in style to be expressed, according to the company.

For Enduring Sentiment, the Cara sideboard shows sculptural wavy handles enhancing a simple, blocky silhouette. The combination of the rich, warm birch frame and antique brass handle echoes vintage references and future heirloom quality.

To explore the complete Moe’s Home 2023 Key Design Directions, visit the website.

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