10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for the Winter

As cold as winter can be in many areas, it’s also a beautiful season filled with sparkly shades like silver, gold, and white. Give your kitchen splendor and charm by decorating it in honor of winter. Major changes aren’t needed for a positive impact. Even small changes can revitalize the look of the room.

1. Wrap Your Cabinets

You don’t have to completely wrap your cabinets in wrapping paper, although that’s an option. A different possibility is wrapping wide winter-themed ribbons horizontally and vertically around each cabinet door. You can also put a decorative embellishment on the front center of the doors. If you have stained cabinets, make sure the decorations and ribbon you use show enough contrast to stand out.

2. Hang Small Decorations on the Cabinets

Another option for adorning cabinets is to hang small decorations front and center. They’ll look delightful if you have polar white cabinets. The colors, such as metallics, jewel tones, and red and green, will pop off the white. Options to consider range from bunches of bells to tiny wreaths.

3. Change Your Soft Linens

Gather all the soft linens in your kitchen, including the curtains, tablecloths and hand towels. Switch them out for ones that suit a winter theme. For example, you can find towels that have simple snowflakes or more extravagant ones with lots of colors and holiday-themed characters.

You can even customize the soft linens to your liking. Let’s say you found lovely white kitchen hand towels but can’t find any with designs you like. Pick up winter-themed embellishments you adore, such as metallic silver ribbons, and attach them to the towels. Depending on the decorations you use, you could apply them by sewing, gluing or ironing.

4. Swap Out Trays, Canisters and Vases

Temporarily replacing your kitchen trays, canisters and vases is an easy way to make the room more wintry. White ceramic, wood, clear glass, or galvanized metal options are ideal, as they can complement a wide range of color schemes and themes.

Consider using spray paint to revamp the trays, vases, and canisters you already use. Spray paint comes in a range of hues and textures. Be careful with the parts of canisters or trays that come into direct contact with food. Use food-safe spray paint for trays and other items if you won’t use them solely for decoration.

5. Add a Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, think about bringing an artificial or real Christmas tree into the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be full-size. Even a small one that sits on the counter or in the center of the kitchen table can be a beautiful, festive addition. If your real tree will sit on the floor, make sure you have durable flooring like SPC click flooring. Otherwise, place some type of mat under it to absorb any spilled water.

However, whether you choose a tree that’s real or artificial, it needs to stand away from anything that could be a potential fire hazard. Don’t put it near any floor vents or close to the range or any other appliances. You also want to make sure it’s not in the middle of a traffic area where someone can trip on it.

6. Decorate Your Windows

There are many ways you can decorate your kitchen windows for winter. For instance, you can attach paper snowflakes you and your loved ones made together, hang icicle lights or use window clings. Another option is to use window snow spray and stencils to create an enchanting winter scene. If you’re in a creative mood, use liquid chalk pens to design your own decorations.

7. Put a Collage on Your Fridge

Remove everything from the front of your fridge so you can create a winter collage. Hang up winter-themed drawings by your kids, photo greeting cards, ticket stubs and invitations to events you attend, pictures you take at holiday festivities, and images of winter landscape scenes. Create a collection that makes you happy. It will give you something wonderful to look at whenever you walk into the kitchen.

8. Incorporate Greenery

Greenery adds a fresh look to any room, including the kitchen. Using faux greenery is a great option because you can reuse it every year. Consider hanging garlands over doorways or above cabinets and windows. With any faux option, you won’t have to worry about vacuuming up stray pine needles. Vibrant red poinsettias strategically placed around the room would be another colorful addition.

9. Add a Centerpiece

Creating beautiful centerpieces is an easy way to decorate your kitchen for winter. If you make a few, you can rotate them out every week. For instance, one week you could put faux LED candles and pinecones on a wide galvanized metal tray; another week, put a buffalo check plaid runner underneath small white vases filled with white poinsettias.

10. Use Winter Treats as Decor

Holiday cookies, red and white peppermint candies, and mini gingerbread houses are some adorable winter treats that make great kitchen decor. For items that typically need to be in a container, such as cookies, use a clear glass canister to keep them fresh while showing them off.

Plan Your Winter Kitchen Look

Decide what you want to do rather than going on a whirlwind kitchen decorating spree. Planning allows you to establish a cohesive look. When you go to make your purchases, stick to your shopping list. When you have a list, you won’t forget what you want to do and how you want to do it. Using these ideas, you’ll soon have a winter wonderland in your own home.

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