Valdese Weavers offers new InsideOut + Seaqual Initiative collection


Valdese Weavers has introduced a new high performing InsideOut fabric made from yarn developed from the Seaqual Initiative.

VALDESE, N.C.  – Valdese Weavers is now offering InsideOut performance fabric made with yarn from the Seaqual Initiative, as a part of its mission to make a positive impact on the environment and more specifically, to help solve the issue of marine plastic pollution.

“Merging these two brands together is something that our company is really excited about because of the incredible opportunity it provides our customers,” said Patrick Shelton, Valdese Weavers vice president of sales. “They will be able to offer a performance fabric that is beautiful and reliable, but also has an incredible sustainability story that is making a legitimate difference to our environment.”

Valdese Weavers first partnered with the Seaqual Initiative last year during the ITA Showtime in June 2021 as part of the company’s mission to make a positive impact on the environment and help to reduce the issue of marine plastic pollution. The response to the initial debut has been outstanding, according to Shelton.

To date, the Seaqual Initiative has transformed more than 200 tons of marine litter into plastic and cleaned more than 600 tons of waste from the world’s oceans. The OEKO-TEX certified yarns that result are made from the cleaned and processed marine plastic and are woven into fabrics at Valdese Weavers facility in Burke County, N.C.

“The Seaqual Initiative is proud to collaborate with Valdese Weavers to support our fight against marine plastic pollution with the new InsideOut Performance Fabrics,” said Mark Hartnell Seaqual Initiative director of operations.

The new InsideOut fabric is a Greenguard Gold Certified, PFAS free, all-in-one performance fabric that has the core performance qualities of being durable, but also is bleach cleanable, fade resistant and made with sustainable yarns.

Valdese Weavers operates four facilities under the brand names Valdese Weavers, InsideOut Performance Fabrics, Sustain Performance Fabrics, Circa 1801, Valdese International Products (VIP), Dicey Fabrics and Valdese Weavers Contract.


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