Using Full-Length Mirror | Enhance The Look of Any Room

full length mirror

Floor-length mirrors are often seen as a necessary but not-so-pretty part of home decor. They are functional but can be challenging to fit into your space since they are essentially large empty frames.

To make statement pieces with these mirrors, we have devised smart ways to incorporate them into your home. These tricks will help floor-length mirrors look like deliberate and stylish additions to any room, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or any other space.

For Your Living Room

  • Wall-to-Wall Wonder

To avoid the dated ’80s look of wall-to-wall mirrors, you can add stylish gridlines to give it a modern architectural feel. Alternatively, you can frame the mirror or set it into crown molding for a sophisticated touch. Eglomise mirrors, with their marbled effect and metallic shine, also make a chic statement.

  • Artful Learning

Consider leaning a freestanding floor mirror against a wall instead of hanging it. This adds a sense of casual elegance and visually enlarges your living space. Larger, substantial mirrors work best for this purpose and can be paired with furniture like a bench or trunk.

  • Above the Mantle Magic

The space above a fireplace mantle can be tricky to decorate. Hanging a floor-length mirror over it can be an excellent solution. You can experiment with various mirror shapes like trumeau or arched mirrors. An arched mirror can add architectural flair, and a French-inspired floor mirror with a gold frame can make your living room feel more elegant. Leaning it can enhance its impact.

For Your Dining Room

Restaurants and bars often use mirrors to make the place look brighter and create a cozy atmosphere with candlelight. So, why not use a tall mirror in your dining room at home?

Even though it might sound unusual, a floor-length mirror in your dining room can be a remarkable focal point. Dining rooms usually lack exciting architectural features, and a large mirror can instantly solve that problem. Just like in the living room, the key to making this work is choosing the right size. So, think big and bold when decorating with tall mirrors in your dining room.

  • Dining Room Balance and Space Enhancement

If your dining room lacks interesting features and feels unbalanced, especially when it’s connected to the kitchen, you can fix this by placing a floor-length mirror on the wall opposite the window. This not only brings balance but also makes the room look bigger. Even if your dining area is just a separate part of a larger space, a floor mirror can do wonders when put on a single wall. To make it work, lean on the mirror casually instead of hanging it for a relaxed vibe. Look for mirrors with substantial frames that can hold their own alongside your dining set and chandelier, creating a harmonious feel.

For Your Bedroom

In bedrooms, big mirrors might not fit well with your furniture. Choose a smaller floor mirror to make more space unless you have lots of room to spare. This helps keep your bedroom comfortable and organized.

  • Corner Elegance in the Bedroom

Maximize that awkward corner in your bedroom by placing a floor mirror on an easel. Instead of using up an entire wall, this setup turns an unused corner into a functional space. Since bedrooms often serve as a link between your closet and bathroom, a full-length mirror on an easel feels like a natural addition, unlike in a living or dining room.

  • Boost Bedroom Style with a Bold Statement

Just like in living and dining rooms, a noticeable full-length mirror in your bedroom can elevate your room’s style. Unless your room is already filled with extravagant décor, avoid overly simple easel mirrors. Keep in mind that floor mirrors are an opportunity to make a big style statement, so go for maximum impact unless you’re hiding it in a closet or behind a door.

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