Understanding Why Pillow Cube Is a Game Changer for Side Sleepers

pillow cube

If you’re a side sleeper, it’s important to have a mattress and pillow to support your body well and keep your spine straight. The right pillow is especially important because an overly thick pillow can disrupt spinal alignment and create additional pain spots, while excessively thin pillows do not offer sufficient cushioning.

Now, You must be wondering which pillow is best for you. 

The Pillow Cube has a distinct shape and texture different from ordinary pillows. It’s constructed of polyester fiber, so it’s soft and squishy but hard enough to provide support.

Because this rectangle pillow is made exclusively for side sleepers, we assessed it based on how well it would meet our needs as a side sleeper. 

What is a Pillow Cube?

The Pillow Cube is a distinctive bed pillow designed for side sleepers who experience difficulty falling asleep at night because of back and neck pain. It is a distinct rectangular shape made from 100% polyester fiber. This unique design and material combination provides a soft and cushiony feel on the top of the pillow while offering firm support underneath. The Pillow Cube is known for its durability and long-lasting performance, making it a comfortable and supportive option for those who sleep on their sides.

Machine Washable Cover

This pillow’s ability to be simply cleaned and maintained by throwing it in the washing is one of its primary selling points. Even though most pillows have an irreversible cover, it is amazing that after washing the pillowcase several times over two weeks without damaging the material. You can toss the cover in the washing machine; it looks fresh and clean. After washing it multiple times, you won’t see any soap or bleach marks left behind. 

Long-Lasting Comfort

Regular pillows can wear out and lose their shape over time. But the best part is that Pillow Cubes are designed to last for years without issues. So, once you find the right Pillow Cube, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. This durability makes it a cost-efficient choice for years.


Pillow Cube’s designers claim its shape contours around your head and neck. This gives the appropriate support you require as a side sleeper without incorporating pressure spots that can cause pain during the night. It also helps reduce the chance of snoring. Side sleepers are more inclined to develop obstructive sleep apnea, so anything that makes it simpler for you to breathe calmly should be a great positive.

Temperature Management

It is the only pillow built of micro-pillows, so it does not retain heat or become hot to the touch like memory foam, making this ideal for hot sleepers.

This rectangle pillow features specific airflow channels that keep you cool while sleeping, preventing overheating and allowing your body temperature to regulate during the night.

Which Pillow Cube Is Right for You?

Now that you know about the benefits of Pillow Cubes, you might be wondering which one to choose. There are different pillowcases available, each with its features and sizes. 

Pillow Cube Classic: This original Pillow Cube is perfect for side sleepers looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow. It’s the preferred choice for many people who want to improve their sleep quality.

Pillow Cube Pro: If you want an extra-large Pillow Cube for more room to rest your head, the Pillow Cube Pro is a great choice. It provides additional space and support for side sleepers.

Pillow Cube Pro Memory Foam: This Pillow Cube is designed for those who love the feel of memory foam. It combines the unique Pillow Cube shape with the comfort of memory foam.

Pillow Cube Kids: There’s even a Pillow Cube designed for kids so that they can enjoy the benefits of better sleep and support.

The Verdict

For side sleepers, Pillow Cubes are a game changer. They provide more support, cool and breathable fabrics, easier to clean, and long-lasting comfort. If you have been experiencing discomfort or pain when sleeping on your side, the Pillow Cube could be worth a try.

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