Think you know omnichannel? Listen to what these experts have to say


Omnichannel sounds complicated, but it simply refers to the number of touchpoints you have with your customer, client or consumer.

In Home Accents today’s November Retail Playbook, retailer Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon & Lulu in Clawson, Mich.; Logan Avidon, director of buyer services, key accounts for International Market Centers; and Jarrell Lee, who recently joined the sales and marketing team at Abigails, discussed “First Steps to an Omnichannel Strategy.”

Among their tips:

  • Make sure your message is consistent across all platforms
  • Stay nimble and quick, try new things, but do not be afraid to fail
  • Establish a schedule and follow it
  • Vendors who can supply simple, clean, good-quality images and brief product descriptions are enormously valuable to retailers. This improves e-commerce tremendously, Curtin said.
  • Leave your customers laughing!

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