A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen Chimney

The splatter of spices and herbs into hot oil with your favorite veggies creates a concoction to satisfy not just your taste buds but your senses. But do you know what gets neglected while cooking these scrumptious meals? It is the gust of fumes and smoke that rises from hot pans, spreads in the ambiance, and settles on the roof and walls spoiling the aesthetics of homes and making air particles heavier making it difficult to breathe. Well, by making a smart investment in getting an electric kitchen chimney you can instantly solve this issue. It is an electrical appliance that pulls in and removes the smoky smell, cooking odors, and greasy stuff from your kitchen, so it stays clean and fresh.

How does a kitchen chimney work?

You might have seen chimneys, but are you aware of how these function? They work on a simple science principle that we all have studied in our secondary school, “hot air rises up!” remember! Well, the air surrounding the pan expands on heating and tends to move upwards. This creates a pressure difference between the room temperature and the flue of the chimney. Thus a suction is created upwards and the fumes are forced to enter the chimney where the oil and grease particles get separated by the filter. The smoke and fumes are released into the air outside.

Benefits of getting home a kitchen chimney

Many people tend to discount the need for a chimney. But here are reasons why it is a must addition to your house.

  • Get a fresh breath of air

A kitchen chimney helps remove hot gases and harmful things in the air, making it safer to breathe. It also helps reduce the amount of a harmful gas called carbon monoxide in the air when you’re cooking. This clean air stops germs and bacteria from growing.

  • Cook comfortably without sneezing and coughing

One of the best things about a kitchen chimney is that it sucks up the heat and steam that comes from your cooking pots and pans. So you won’t feel all hot and sweaty while you’re cooking. Plus, it takes away the smells and steam from your food, so you won’t sneeze or cough, and your home won’t smell like what you cooked.

  • Better lighting

Kitchen chimneys come with built-in lights that help you see better when you’re cooking or cleaning. This means you won’t need to turn on extra lights in your kitchen, which saves energy and money.

  • Protects walls and tiles

It stops the walls, tiles, and even your furniture from getting dirty or damaged because of the smoke and greasy stuff in the air. Since the kitchen chimney takes all that away, your kitchen stays cleaner for longer, and you won’t have to clean it as often.

How to choose the right kitchen chimney?

To buy the best kitchen chimney, here are some things to look for:

  • Size of the chimney

Your kitchen needs a chimney that’s not just efficient but also fits properly. Hence look for the perfect chimney size. Take measurements of the space that you can allocate for it and then find a suitable size.

  • Suction capacities

Suction capacity is how good the chimney is at pulling out smoke, smells, and kitchen fumes. It is measured using Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), which tells you how much air the chimney can move in one minute. Here’s a simple rule: Your chimney’s CFM should be about 10 times the size of your kitchen. So, if your kitchen is 800 cubic feet big, a chimney with around 8000 CFM would work well.

  • Ventilation type

Chimneys come in different types based on how they clean the air in your kitchen. There are three main kinds:

  • Convertible Chimneys: 

These chimneys send the smelly air outside or clean it and bring it back into the kitchen. They’re good if you can’t have an outside vent right away but might want one later.

  • Ducted Chimneys: 

These chimneys send all the smoky air outside through a special tube. 

  • Ductless Chimneys: 

These chimneys clean the air by using filters to catch the greasy stuff and smells. Then, they put the cleaned air back into your kitchen. They’re great for places where you can’t have an outside tube.

  • Special features to consider

Apart from these, you need to also consider some special features like:

  • Auto-clean chimneys:

These chimneys auto-clean the vent so you do not have to worry about manually cleaning it.

  • Noise reduction:

Make sure your chimney has up to 64 dB of noise reduction. This helps prevent noise pollution even under high-pressure suction.

  • Oil and grease filter:

These parts are a must! Look for a chimney that has an oil and grease filter. It helps any greasy stuff to enter the vent making cleaning difficult.

  • LED Lighting

Good lighting helps you see and cook better. Chimneys hover over cooktops and hence are at the best angle for cooking lights. Make sure your chimney has LED, halogen, or Incandescent lights.

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