An Honest Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre House

Texas Chainsaw Massacre House

Have you ever asked for the real-life inspection of the famous Texas Chainsaw Massacre House (1990)? If yes, then you can go through this article that provides an extensive description of the Chainsaw Massacre House

Why so vogue?

The Chainsaw Massacre House got extreme popularity for the 1990s film Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is a Victorian-age mansion that has popped up in many discussions for decades. Including a brief narrative of the film and the scary Texas Chainsaw massacre House is essential.

Overview & Narrative

The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was created by a Texas local and University of Texas alumnus in his backyard until it developed into the scary series that frightened millions of fans. The movie was filmed in 1973, and Austin hosted the launch of the subsequent season. Many places from the movie are still visible today, despite being nearly fifty years later.

Due to Tobe Hooper’s tight finances, many of the crew was made out of the somewhat unidentified neighborhood and regional performers. Gunnar Hansen, a contemporary UT undergrad, who was the earliest to take on the famed character of “Leather-face,” was a production member.

Pattern & Details : 

The building of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House‘s thickly vegetated counterpart was subsequently discovered at La Frontera as likewise; it was also disassembled, relocated to neighboring Georgetown, and then repaired. 

Locals refer to it as the Burkland-Frisk home since Tony Burkland, a descendant of the Frisk lineage, reportedly bought it after it was constructed by Leonard Frisk, an initial pioneer in Williamson County. The home was relocated into La Frontera from its previous site alongside Quick Hill Road from the Texas Chainsaw Mansion. 

Because of the House’s poor state and complete encroachment by vegetation and shrubs, it was initially overlooked as a twin.


The restaurant’s Kingsland location is 1010 King Court.

Contemporary days of Chainsaw Massacre 

However, a long time has been stricken, and things have changed considerably. Nowadays, if you visit the Texas Chainsaw massacre House, you will experience a cozy and aesthetic café shop in the lounge of Antlers. On the premises of the Antlers Guesthouse, the House has been renovated and now serves as a cafe. Grand Central Cafe’s site states that it does not accept bookings and is shut on Tuesdays and Mondays.

Experience of visitors

As per horror movie buffs, Halloween is the year’s most prosperous occasion, and the Halloween party is the most awaited event. Most Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans dream of eye-witnessing the Texas Chainsaw massacre House while it’s Halloween time! 

Still, Haunted? Not at all!

As we have said earlier, there’s now a café shop running on the premises of the Antlers. Visitors have reported that 120 minutes north of San Antonio, in the Mountain Kingdom village of Kingsland, is the 18th – century residence. The Great Central Restaurant and the Clubhouse Car Bar on the Antlers Motel grounds have a standard dining exterior. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was shot there in 1973, but knowing that makes it seem strange. 

What visitors quoted?

Let’s refer to some quotes from visitors who have experienced the exciting vibe of the Texas Chainsaw massacre House

“I put little carpentry maintenance on it years back to prepare it for the film. That appearance permeates that residence. It is surrounded by wide-open farmlands and is eerie “-Barrow. 

“When I was younger, I spent nights at my siblings’ homes for sleepovers, family get-togethers, pizzas, and films. Nothing major, correct? A buddy of his chose to show The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House on one of those nights. I will be bothered by that for the remainder of my existence.”

Statement about 

 If you still can’t figure out why this isolated property appears so recognizable, think back to 2003 and the remake of the venerable horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The imposing home served as the fictitious residence of Leatherface and his family, the Hewitts, who murdered and butchered innocent victims before hanging them from butcher poles.

The owner’s family (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House) presently lives in the House, a portion of a functioning farm. Guests are not permitted on the premises, according to notices. There are flyers on the entrance reminding guests to preserve their solitude and that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not a certainty.


If you need concrete evidence that you managed to visit the spooky House, there is a cabinet stocked with Texas Chainsaw t-shirts, tank tops, black baseball caps, stickers, bubbleheads, and shot glasses. In addition, the legendary Leatherface, a life-size replica holding his trusted chainsaw, was standing beneath one of the TVs. The enormous Smokestack burger comes with long, fresh French potatoes. It is topped with a hefty piece of pork, crunchy applewood, smoky pancetta, Swiss cheddar, a sizable crunchy crispy circle, and plenty of grill flavor. The moderate steak would appear gratifying and stuffed thanks to the use of the scary emblem.

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