Purple Pillow | The Coolest Sleep Product I Ever Purchased

Purple Pillow

Many well-known sleep essential brands exist, but few are recognizable, such as “Purple ”! Do you know about the brand before? Or are you among those who recently heard too much about their products’ great quality, durability, and comfort, such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, etc.? You are not the only one who is curious about knowing this brand; we all are. 

Their recently launched, very first pillow design features a 100% GelFlex Grid for cooling and ergonomic comfort, offering patented No-Pressure support to your neck & back. Let’s quickly highlight the Purple pillow features that I personally experienced and liked the most after using. So, stay tuned with me till the end!!

About Purple

Purple, a mattress company headquartered in Utah, was established in 2015 by brothers Tony and Terry Pearce; the company initially began as a wheelchair-focused business and has since evolved into a direct-to-consumer brand. 

The company has now expanded its product line to include pillows, seat cushions, bedding, and platform bases. Their company goal is to make people “feel better with creative comfort solutions.” The Purple Grid sets its products apart from other foam-based items because of its control temperature property. The open spaces in the Purple Grid allow heat to escape, keeping you cooler compared to regular ones.

How I Get to Know About Purple Pillow?

In my me-time, I just love to scroll posts, reels, and video clips on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and mostly Instagram. Like other normal days, I was doing the same!! Then, I suddenly came across a video that featured the Purple pillow.

The moment I saw them, my heart just fell for their aesthetic appeal. On that day, I decided to try and invest in them at least once, and truly speaking, I am not regretting my decision at all!

From Where I Made the Purchase?

My experience was pretty straightforward! I went straight to the official website “ Purple” and discovered a range of options available there. It was surprising to see so many choices, like;

  • Purple Pillow
  • Purple Harmony Pillow
  • Kids Purple Pillow
  • Purple TwinCloud Pillow
  • Purple Cloud Pillow
  • Purple Pillow Boosters

After looking through them all, I decided to go with  the “Purple Pillow.” It seemed like the perfect choice for me.

Glimpses of My Personal Experience!!

First off, the no-pressure support is incredible. It has the honeycombed GelFlex layer and a Talalay latex core that just cradles and supports your head and neck, no matter how you sleep. That day, I felt like I was sleeping on a cotton ball!!

The best thing I experienced was Purple pillow stayed cool all night long. Like other days, I don’t wake up feeling hot or sweaty, and it’s like a dream come true for hot sleepers like me.

Being impressed by its comfort, I researched the reasons and got to know that it’s all because of its temperature-neutral, airy Grid, ventilated latex, and moisture-wicking mesh cover. 

It’s been about three months since I have been using their pillows, and still, there is no change or loss in the shape. The materials they use are super durable so that you can enjoy that comfy, floaty feeling night after night. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are my personal Purple pillow reviews!! Buy yours, experience it on your own, and know why it’s a worthy deal for you and your precious sleep. Because in the end, “Better Sleep means Happy Wakeup.”

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