Prayer Plant | Growing And Caring For This Beauty

Prayer Plant

If you have already seen a beautifully grown Prayer plant, I can bet you must have been awe-struck by its multi-color detailed foliages. This nature’s wonderous beauty got its name from its leaves that give the shape of folded hands, indicating the typical prayer gesture. It grows with sophisticatedly designed patterns on the leaves, and that’s what has got it a wide fan-following among plant lovers. 

The plant’s botanical name is Maranta leuconeura, and it is native to Brazil’s tropical and humid sphere. If you are also keen on ornamenting your home with its charm, here we have got you a comprehensive guide on how to grow and care for it. So, let’s move towards knowing how to thrive its colors in your home.

The Perfect Planting Time And Position 

Early summer and spring are the best times to plant it as these are the growing seasons and let the plant survive easily. Make sure to choose a little larger pot than the size of the plant, as this will offer enough room for growth while preventing issues like root rot. 

When you get your baby plant in the home, the first thing would be to find a suitable corner for its unhindered growth. Having roots in a tropical region, it will appreciate a spot offering brightness, warmness, and humidity for healthy growth. Bathrooms and kitchens are considered wonderful places for these plants. However, do not let them be exposed to the wind, and avoid setting them near the doors, windows, fans, or air conditioners. 

Caring For This Beauty

Once planted in favorable conditions, here are the maintenance tips you must follow to guide your Maranta leuconeura toward healthy growth.

Moderate Water Showers

Prayer plants enjoy staying moist always, but this species does not appreciate excessive water. Especially when the climate starts turning to colder days, reducing the water frequency is advised. If you notice dormancy in the plant, let the soil dry for a while before rewatering. To maintain a balanced moisture for the plant, make sure it has been planted in well-drained soil mix. 

The Climatic Considerations

Choose your home’s corners where excessive humidity and warm temperatures are expected. Avoid rooms with day-long air-conditioning and excessively dry spaces. If your region has less humidity, you can position a water tray near the plant or mist it frequently to fulfill its humidity demands. Avoiding this care practice for prayer plant care indoors will turn its leaves dull and brownish. 

Prune and Resist Pests

Trim the extremely dull or dead leaves anytime throughout the year. Its exceptional beauty attracts insects, & many pests, and here is how to keep your plant away from diseases.

Fuzzy and white clumps on the leaves signify the attack of mealybugs & spider mites, and it can happen anytime throughout the year. Spray or use a soft cloth to remove the infestation. Use an organic pesticide to perform this. 

Wrapping UP

Using this prayer plant care guide, you can ensure that this charming green buddy is growing in the most favorable conditions without being suspected of pests or other issues. Get your plant from a nearby nursery and grow it according to the information provided for a happy growing beauty in your home.

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