New products, domestic capabilities power Floyd through ’21 and beyond


The introduction of sectionals was one of Floyd’s significant happenings of 2021. The company has more planned for 2022.

DETROIT — It’s been a memorable year for Floyd, and officials from the home furnishings designer and retailer believe better things lie ahead.

In 2021 alone, the Detroit-based direct-to-consumer company introduced its first sectional, got into the area rug and outdoor furniture categories and launched a program to offer used and imperfect Floyd furniture to consumers nationwide.

Through it all, the company has leaned into its philosophy of making a product that lasts and can move with consumers as they enter different phases of their lives.

kyle hoff

Kyle Hoff

“People want to buy product that they care about. Having spent so much time in their homes, they want it to be thoughtful and something they’ll keep and won’t be extremely impactful on the environment,” CEO Kyle Hoff told Furniture Today. “That’s something we’ve always believed in, but it’s really resonated in the COVID-19 era. As we look ahead, the customer understands sustainability and understands what makes a good product.”

Hoff said the Full Cycle marketplace, which gives Floyd products a new start, speaks to that philosophy as well as anything the company has done over the years.

“When we started the company, (we said) the best thing you can do is not buy anything at all, but if you do, it should last. They’re designed to be kept,” Hoff said. “We’re taking on the second life of the product with a program that takes returns or damaged products and creates a platform online where people can buy those at a discounted rate. It’s been really successful, and it’s been our first step in having as long a life as possible.”

Also helpful is having domestic production capabilities, which flies counter to the industry’s well-documented struggles with importing products this year.

“Most of our manufacturing is done domestically, and that’s been a benefit for us in the last six months where a lot of stuff has been jammed up in port,” Hoff said. “We’ve had some delays here and there based on commodities and materials, but for the most part we’ve been fortunate to keep product flowing.”

And with so many successful launches under its belt in 2021, Hoff says there’s a lot of newness coming from Floyd in 2022 and beyond.

“As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue to expand on the product line. We’re focused on the bedroom and the living room, but we want to go after the full home with products,” he said. “This year was a big step in doing that and continue to prove that people want to come to Floyd. They’re coming to us for all parts of their home.”

Some key introductions to come include offerings in storage, lighting and seating, as well as working on ways to introduce modularity into other segments of Floyd’s offerings.

“Modularity is a big part of how we convey sustainability,” Hoff said. “Understanding people move and what works in one configuration in their home today might be different than how they configure it in their home in a year. The brand will continue to go deeper in modularity, not just for sofas, but other pieces as well.”

Hoff also teased a return of classic 1950s designs as part of the next round of introductions. Through it all, he noted that everything that the company turns out will have to stay true to Floyd’s ethos.

“It’s a whole array of things but it’s continuing to reach into why people love Floyd up to this point — thoughtful and well-made,” he said.


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