New Digital Platform Connects Retailers to Handicrafts in India


Expo Bazaar USA, a digital B2B marketplace offering curated merchandise to independent retailers, will debut in March 2022, giving specialty stores and designers access to the wealth of handicrafts, gift and home décor products available from India.

Developed by seasoned veterans in the global gift and home industries in both India and the U.S., Expo Bazaar USA, a subsidiary of India Exposition Mart, will provide an unprecedented assortment of tens of thousands of products from hundreds of resources on its website. Up until now, specialty operations have had no way to import these products on the smaller scale and economical basis they needed for their stores and businesses.

Expo Bazaar USA has made a substantial investment in product development, sourcing, domestic distribution and cutting-edge technology that gives the e-marketplace single-point access of unprecedented scale to Indian sellers and U.S. business buyers.

“We are opening the doors to the magnificent diversity of India and are creating a curated collection of distinctly Indian merchandise,” said Arun Agarwal, cofounder of Expo Bazaar and CEO of Expo Bazaar USA. “We are also opening another door to welcome businesses from across America to give them access to the diversity of Indian products and heritage.

“With manufacturers working closely with artisans, we will be showcasing a massive assortment of products across multiple categories and sub-categories in this segment. We are dedicated to creating a social, cultural and financial impact on the lives of artisans and small manufacturers and suppliers from India. We are building this robust supply chain network that empowers independent US retailers to not lose sales due to out-of-stock situations and buy more frequently with lower risks.”

“Our on-demand inventory for immediate shipment serviced from our distribution center here in the U.S. and a dedicated product team on the ground will provide services to small retailers in a fashion which was never imagined,” Agarwal added.

“The sellers on Expo Bazaar are supported with buyer-seller databases, marketing guidance, packaging, logistics and other critical processes that create a seamless selling-buying ecosystem,” said Rakesh Kumar, chairman and a cofounder of Expo Bazaar.

“Our team of experts both in the U.S. and India curates merchandise that represents the best of India’s scale, diversity, rich heritage of skills, materials, trades and industries,” said Dileep Baid, another Expo Bazaar cofounder. “We understand that businesses want to keep pace with recent trends in fashion and lifestyle. For this reason, these products are curated keeping in mind today’s design and aesthetic preferences so that our culture of home reaches yours.

“We are calling it ‘India, Curated for The World.’”

The wide range of merchandise includes a variety of gift, home décor and furnishings accessories produced with high- quality materials, as well as a selection of skilled Indian artistry. The launch will consolidate India’s position in the global trading community while significantly strengthening the portfolio of small businesses in the U.S.


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