Need help visualizing a product? This textiles company has a new tool


Siscovers, a manufacturer of soft-home furnishings, adds a new design tool to its website, the Designerator. The Designerator is a 3D visualization and configuration tool for the creation of decorative bedding, pillows, futon covers, curtains and more.

“Our customers will easily be able to design custom products in real-time, visualize them in 3D, render a photo-realistic jpg and receive a list of the product codes they have created,” said Shari Hammer, Founder of Siscovers. “Designing and ordering custom products is now easier than ever!”

The Designerator has a library of over 300 fabrics and two separate room modules to give the customer a holistic design experience. The bedroom module features a variety of components and accessories to craft the perfect sleeping environment, while the living room module features futons for the common space. Both rooms feature additional pillows and back-tab curtain panels that can be added or removed.

“Interior designers know that bed linens are the visual centerpiece of any bedroom. Personalizing and constructing these soft-home products for their clients is a fantastic opportunity for designers,” said Shari. “Being able to visually create and share their designs beyond fabric swatches will be a game-changer for them.”

Siscovers is featuring this new digital design program alongside an enhanced fabric library in their Las Vegas Showroom B880 during the Winter Market. The Designerator can now be found at




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