Nature takes centre stage in climate conversations – Property Week and UKGBC’s COP round-up: Day 6 | Online


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New international pledge for the protection of nature: Forty-five governments, led by the UK, will pledge urgent action and investment to protect nature and shift to more sustainable ways of farming. The action recognises that global land-use practices will need to adapt to ensure that environments can be protected while demand for food increases. Incorporated within the new £3bn International Climate Finance fund is £500m to help protect 5m ha of rainforests from deforestation and a £40m commitment to help set up the Global Centre on Biodiversity for Climate.

‘Win-wins’ for nature and climate through Nature-based Solutions: A new Nature-based Solutions Initiative paper briefing reviewed the capacity of NBS to deliver a critically required ‘win-win’ scenario for biodiversity and climate-change adaptation. The briefing included a number of recommendations for policymakers, which focused on ensuring that nature-based climate policies and targets explicitly support biodiversity, account for its ecosystem health, and tackle both the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss.

Comments from Chris Moss, UKGBC’s Resilience and Nature-based Solutions project coordinator, on today’s announcements:

– The announcements of Nature Day have demonstrated an increasingly high-profile recognition of the role our natural environment plays as a critical climate solution. Similarly, it has been promising to see a consideration of more regenerative approaches to land use, supported by reforms to destructive agricultural practices.

– Approaching the ecological and climate emergencies simultaneously and holistically is essential for tackling either of them effectively. Our global biodiversity is in free-fall and the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. We must approach both climate mitigation and adaptation with a nature-centric lens, whereby the benefits to biodiversity are valued and provided for.

– The central role of Nature-based Solutions within today’s announcements is welcome, given their capacity to restore and regenerate environments and enhance climate resilience across both urban and rural landscapes and at multiple scales.


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