Lulu & Georgia introduces capsule collection inspired by the African diaspora


LOS ANGELES — Home furnishings retailer Lulu and Georgia has launched a new collection with artist Hadiya Williams, and company officials are touting the new products as a unique, exclusive expansion to current décor offerings.

“At Lulu and Georgia, we are always inspired by artists, artisans and makers,” said Aja Tilghman, divisional merchandise manager of textiles, tabletop and accessories. “It was really exciting to explore interpreting some of the shapes and textures that Hadiya explores in her 3D art into print and pattern for textiles.

“Hadiya’s unique perspective using a play of scale, texture and the combinations of bold and delicate details in her patterns allowed us to create a multitude of decorative objects that can really live together, and the collection pulls together so many of the natural materials that we love to decorate spaces with: raw silks, jute, linen, wood and clay. We are so proud of partnerships that feel distinct to the artist but can still layer seamlessly into our customers’ spaces.”

The collection features wall art, pillows and tabletop textiles in patterns and color palettes that complement warm hues currently trending in home furnishings. Williams describes the collection as “textured, bold, earthly, organic and celestial,” noting that she always tries to reflect on “ancestry, migration, and movement” in her work.

“I was inspired by elements from both the earth and cosmos, such as bodies of water, land forms and constellations,” Williams said. “Connecting the pieces of these conduits for movement and how they are all much needed aids in one’s journey. To name the various items in the collection, I used constellations as a source of inspiration. The names are meant to represent the convergence of energy and matter, whether human or celestial in nature.”

When asked who she envisions as the consumer for the collection, Williams says it would likely be someone “who is drawn to creative representations of unexpected shapes and forms and lots of texture.”

“They may have an interest in exploring their own lineage and be interested in incorporating unique and meaningful pieces into their home décor,” Williams explained. “It could be someone who is drawn to products that are handmade and filled with personal stories and cultural memories. They may also appreciate the way that the collection brings together elements from both the earth and cosmos to create a unique and meaningful work of art.”

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