Layering is encouraged with Lulu & Georgia’s new rug collection


Designer Jake Arnold surveys the new rug collection he developed in connection with Lulu & Georgia.

LOS ANGELES – Online furnishings resource Lulu & Georgia has partnered with interior designer Jake Arnold to create a new collection of organic rugs.

“I want this collection to make people feel like they can have a piece of Jake Arnold and feel comfortable and inspired in their own homes,” Arnold said.

Known for designs that are bold and dramatic, yet highly comfortable and livable, Studio Jake Arnold’s high-profile clients include Katy Perry, Aaron Paul, Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, Rashida Jones, Sophia Bush and Julianne Hough.

In February 2021, Arnold, a British interior designer based in Los Angeles co-founded his company, The Expert, alongside his best friend and serial entrepreneur Leo Seigal.

Arnold said he experiments with materiality, texture and rich colors by integrating different inspirations and looks. Each style in the new collection is unique but all of the rugs can be layered together in a space.

The collection, which features nine skus, is exclusive to Lulu & Georgia and “echoes the emotive and beautifully curated aesthetic that Arnold designs with his interiors,” according to the company.

“For me, good design is about using timeless materials in new ways,” Arnold added.

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