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MULBERRY, Fla. — Understanding the value of video prompted Top 100 retailer Badcock Home Furniture &more to create a YouTube channel. Doing video well on the channel led to awards. And the continued success of its “Roommates” series led to a third season, which dropped late last year.

“We decided a few years ago to ramp up our YouTube channel because video is becoming king when it comes to online content and social engagement,” Barb Scherer, Badcock’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, told Furniture Today. “With YouTube, you want to have some frequency of posting videos consumers will engage with. We started thinking about, besides our promotional upspots, what sort of content could we put out there to engage with consumers. We wanted to introduce them to Badcock and make them think of us as their option for furniture.”

Scherer said Badcock has partnered with Raleigh, N.C.-based content production company Jarfish to create the series in which an interior designer works with a consumer to spruce up a home with furniture and furnishings from Badcock. Season 2 won a silver Davey Award, while Season 3, which has been out about five months, picked up a gold Davey Award. Davey Awards are honors presented to smaller ad agencies for creativity and achievement.

The first two installments of Roommates were filmed in the Orlando, Fla., area, and the latest, “Growing Up,” was done in North Carolina with Chapel Hill-based designer Kristin Bartone, who took on the design challenge of a mom with three kids who wanted to update their common space as well as the younger son’s bedroom.

The Roommates series serves as a shopper’s virtual guide for creating stylish, comfortable and functional living spaces without incurring the cost of an interior designer. Each episode explores interior design principles made easy for shoppers to stream and dream.

“Most consumers may not be able to work with an interior designer, so we wanted to put out informational content that’s relatable, easy to digest and fun but something that could inspire consumers to tackle a space to update,” Scherer said. “In each series, they demonstrate tips and things to consider for their space and when they go shopping for furniture things to consider when redecorating.”

Scherer said Badcock works with Jarfish on everything from the concept to deciding how each series will go, identifying who the customer will be for each of the design challenges, selecting locations and working with the stores for the four-episode series.

“What we’re able to do is make multiple episodes. It’s typical to the home makeover shows where in the first episode you meet the designer, and then in the second you meet the customer and learn the challenge, and the third is them going to the Badcock store and looking at furniture for the room that’s being decorated and learning the consumer’s wants and needs for the space and their color and style preferences,” Scherer said. “The designer comes back with the room design and the final selected furniture. Last episode is the reveal.”

Scherer credited the independent Badcock store owners and their staffs for their professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond. “The stores we shot in have been excellent partners, the dealer owners have been great partners, and their staffs have been great in helping us when we shoot the stores,” she said.

Scherer said the Roommates series has been well-received on YouTube and Badcock is already planning its next big video concept, with details to be revealed soon. “We’re very happy with the Roommates concept, so we’re looking at doing a series in the future. We’re excited that we’re currently working on another project with Jarfish,” she said.

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