Home Decor for a Magical Thanksgiving

Home Decor for a Magical Thanksgiving

Decorating your home for any season or occasion is special. However, when you are decorating for Thanksgiving, everything just feels a little bit more special and magical. Making sure that you get your home looking (and feeling) magical will take some planning, however, and therefore, the more meticulous you are with your planning, then the better you can expect the end result to be. Here is a guide on how to decorate your home to create a magical atmosphere during Thanksgiving.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

In the first stage of your planning, you should focus on the entrance to your home, as this is usually the first area that your visitors will see. Creating a welcoming entrance can be achieved by adding wreaths, bunting, and soft lighting. To get the perfect entrance, why not think about what you find welcoming and think about what you would like to see? For instance, do you find that burning candles or incense makes you feel welcome? Or do you like big and extravagant floral displays that feature warm tones and in-season flowers with dried fruits?

Make Some DIY Decorations

The great part about Thanksgiving is that it is a time to indulge, including creating decorations you love. For example, you could look at making decorations for the guests to take away using DIY Thanksgiving decorations; or you could look at baking and decorating cookies that can be enjoyed by everyone. This season and this time of year give you the chance to be creative, and it gives you the opportunity to produce decor and even gifts that are highly personal to you. With DIY decorations, you are investing your time and energy, and this can help create a lot of magic and warmth.

Remember, the Finishing Touches Matter

When decorating your home and adding home decor, you can find that you sometimes forget about the finishing touches. For example, the candles in the hall can create an ambiance, or the pumpkins and seasonal fruits by the door that add nature to this occasion. Often, it is the finishing touches that get noticed the most, and they are also the ones that will bother you if they are not right. To ensure that nothing gets forgotten about, you need to give yourself a day to go around your home and check on the finishing touches. Giving yourself time before you start welcoming people will give allow you to make any last-minute changes or tweaks. 

Use Scents and Fragrances

When thinking about Thanksgiving, which scents and fragrances come to mind? Do you think about warm vanilla extracts, or do you think about pumpkin spice? To get a warming scent and fragrance throughout your home, why not use wax, warmers, incense sticks, and scented candles? You will find warming and calming scents and fragrances to be an essential feature at this magical time of year.

Add Centerpieces and Focal points 

Centerpieces and focal features can make a big difference to the feeling of your home that you are working to achieve. Centerpieces for tables and for consoles can be homemade with fresh flowers, or they can be purchased from a shop pre-made. Using large focal points as centerpieces always works well, and they can create a talking point for anyone who visits.

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