Here’s what won’t be included in Nassimi’s performance fabrics


NEW YORK – Textile manufacturer Nassimi has eradicated all PFAS chemicals from its new production.

PFAS, often referred to as fluorocarbons, are a large, complex group of manufactured chemicals present in a variety of consumer products, including performance fabrics, that do not degrade easily in the environment and may be linked to harmful health effects in humans and animals.

“Human health and environmental stewardship have always been of great importance to us at Nassimi,” said Iwan Nassimi, executive vice president. “For many years now, we’ve been on the path to ending the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our fabrics, and we are proud to eliminate PFAS from all products. Given our prior experience developing PFAS-free alternatives, I’m confident that our customers and end-users will still find that the performance capabilities of our fabrics exceed expectations.”

While many companies are just now beginning to develop PFAS-free alternatives as a response to current legislation in some states, Nassimi said his company has always been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing, engineering its fabrics to be PFAS-free from the beginning. The majority of Nassimi products, including performance upholstery fabric Supreen, have always been PFAS-free, while offering the same level of high stain and liquid resistance, the company said.

Nassimi recently reformulated the last of its textile lines containing PFAS, called Resilience TX, to create a fully sustainable product portfolio that still delivers on performance. 

While some PFAS-free alternatives can be less effective in repelling stains, Nassimi said his company’s technology in the finishing process offers highly effective stain protection.

As an example, Nassimi’s Supreen liquid barrier fabrics use a silicone-based stain repellent that is applied following a patented fabric-purification process. This allows for the silicone to fully embed itself into the textiles’ fiber to create an invisible layer of stain protection.

Likewise, the surface treatments of the company’s Writer’s Block polyurethanes, SiO silicones and Resilience faux leathers provide stain resistance without the use of any harmful chemicals.

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