Here are 3 housing trends that will influence the home furnishings industry in 2023


SCARSDALE, NY — Bungalow floorplans, retrofitted spaces and calming hues are just three of the trends that will influence consumer purchases in 2023, according to the annual trends report from The Plan Collection, an online resource for hundreds of housing plans.

According to company officials, Millennial preferences, inflation and social media sharable spaces will drive home design in the coming year, creating cozier, more relaxed and aesthetically pleasing spaces with specific product implications.

“Home design will experience meaningful change in 2023, with some design trends driven by inventive, new ideas inspiring Millennials — a generation representing more than 40% of home buyers and social media driven — while others will be influenced by the practical reality imposed on budgets by higher interest rates and inflation,” said Laurel Vernazza, home design expert at The Plan Collection.

With insights gained from trusted architects, builders, realtors, contractors, and other housing industry experts, The Plan Collection releases its top home design and building trends each year and offers the following predictions for 2023:

Bungalow buy-in

Millennial and empty nesters who want to downsize in style are gravitating toward modern bungalow designs, according to officials. High ceilings and open floor plans underscore the need for furniture that can “float” in a room, and less square footage reinforces preferences for multifunctional, smaller-scale designs that showcase form and function.

Every space counts

Higher interest rates are prompting many homeowners to remodel their existing home instead of buying a new one, and The Plan Collection predicts that “overlooked alcoves, nooks, and corners” will be redesigned into “compact, colorful and inviting spaces.”

Potential product tie-ins include distinctive art, unique lighting, and a stand-alone cabinet or desk that can transform space under stairs or at the end of a hallway into a functional household nook.

Colors that calm

In addition to the white, gray and black colorways that have been popular in recent years, The Plan Collection is forecasting that nature-inspired shades of blue, green, and lilac will be popular in 2023, part of a visual aesthetic that references bringing the outside in.

Bonus trend prediction

Two new interior features forecast by The Plan Collection could influence gift, décor, and housewares purchases in 2023. The prep pantry — a separate prep area off the kitchen — and a well-appointed mudroom that serves as a transition between the outdoors and main living areas are two desired features of the home that offer potential retail possibilities for in tabletop, home textiles, and creative storage solutions.

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