Four Hands makes 5 design predictions


AUSTIN, Texas – Global furnishings company Four Hands has released its top five trends for 2023, revealing the company’s predictions for what’s next in furniture design.

The company’s first trend prediction involves mixing global inspirations including European, Chinese, Scandinavian, folks designs and others.

  • The key materials found in this trend include textured metal and glass, painted and aged wood finishes, vintage terracotta, Scandinavian wood tones, saddle leather and wrought iron, recycled silks and linen, leather and distressed upholstery and art.
Four Hands Hitchens cabinet

A distressed black finish and copper-clad hardware gives the Hitchens Cabinet a worn look, reflective of its European antique inspiration.

The next trend embraces curves and clean lines. “While curves reflect our desire for comfort, this trend adds angular formats and clean lines to yield a more structural aesthetic,” according to the company.

  • The key materials in this trend include warm and heavily veined marbles, cast glass, onyx and quartz, speckled stone, dark burl woods, shearling, fur and hides, and lived-in linens.
Four Hands Zoia sideboard

The clean mahogany lines of the Zoia Sideboard are defined by a striking curved aesthetic for a unique accent to any room.

The third trend concerns designing for the tactile experience by emphasizing the fabrics and materials that offer unique physical experiences. Four Hands said the goal is to tie into the “sensorial design” philosophy that factors in how we experience our surroundings.

  • The key materials here are Fiqa Textiles and other performance fabrics in bouclé, velvet and corduroy, antimicrobial fabrics, heritage leathers, landscape textures, inspired hues and woven, stitched and carved pattern works.
Four Hands Aniston ottoman

Upholstered in a faux Mongolian shearling with a high pile fur, the Aniston Rectangle Ottoman can be placed just about anywhere for a subtle retro vibe.

The fourth trend encompasses seamless design indoors and out where there is a “two-way street of influences,” according to Four Hands. Traditionally exterior materials are impacting interior styles, like rattan, wood and stone. Inversely, product innovations are changing today’s high-performance fabric, which allows them to feel softer and more comfortable and enables designers to extend the design scheme from the indoors out.

  • Key materials for this trend include over-scaled plush cushions, slipcovers, blackened steel and dark powder-coated finishes, along with woven materials and mesh.
Four Hands Roma Outdoor Sectional

The Roma Outdoor 4-Piece Sectional fuses soft volume and exaggerated proportions for a sculpted look and playful feel.

The final trend includes flexible furnishings and designs. Now that so many people are working from home, homeowners frequently use spaces in the home for more than one purpose. With this in mind, Four Hands believes furniture should offer multi-purpose functionality to support how we live today.

  • For this trend, key materials include folding options, stackable and collapsible designs and flexible seating.
Four hands ping pong table

The Ping Pong Table is a one-of-a-kind furnishing that delivers both luxury and functionality, Handmade by skilled artisans, it can seat up to10 as a dinner table and entertain 2-4 players in active game play.

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