Find out how 10-year-old Lulu & Georgia stays up to date on trends


LOS ANGELES – Online furnishings resource Lulu & Georgia is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

Since 2018, the company has grown more than 600%, its Instagram has grown to more than a million followers, and it now has more than 100 employees who spend their time keeping home furnishings shoppers up to date on cutting edge trends and turning their Pinterest boards into a reality.

Founded in 2012 by Sarah Sugarman Brenner, the company’s mission is to design fashion-forward home furnishings. Buyers for Lulu & Georgia curate the world to find the best and latest in interior design, according to Brenner, in order to make it accessible and keep up to date with industry trends.

“As a young woman surrounded by people who were considered pioneers in the interior design scene, starting my own home décor company seemed like a natural evolution for me,” said Brenner.

Brenner grew up around her family’s business, Decorative Carpets, and her grandfather, Lou, and father, George—the men for whom her company is named—inspired Brenner to break into the design industry and craft a brand built around unique, authentic products.

Today, Lulu and Georgia has had many successful collaborations with designers including Sarah Sherman SamuelElan ByrdNina FruedenbergerJenni Kayne and more.

The Los Angeles-based interior design company has become an experiential destination and has established itself as an expert in the industry over its first decade in business, according to Brenner.

“We have high expectations for this year’s Q4 based on a robust product strategy and a November launch of a very exciting new collaboration,” said Sarah Poulios, Lulu & Georgia vice president of merchandising and buying. “The combination of innovative and trend right designs, recent site enhancements, and a strong in stock position will help drive our success.”

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